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Electronic Design Automation Software Engineer

Electronic Design Automation Software Engineer
by Admin on 03-09-2023 at 5:25 am

Have you ever looked at your smartphone and wondered how the silicon chips, that power it, were designed?  Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software is some of the most advanced and algorithmically complex in existence. Pulsic is building the next generation of EDA tools, these tools enable IC designers to layout the very latest silicon chips. Working with massive complexity and intricate design rules demanded by sub 20nm IC designs. At Pulsic our aim is to build exceptionally smart software that is stupidly easy to use. Great software has no options! Creating software that “just” does the right thing with minimal guidance from the user is extremely technically and intellectually challenging, and we are looking for exceptional engineers to join us with this challenge.

​Successful candidates will be deeply involved in the development and implementation of a new EDA technology with a strong focus on computational geometry, geometry manipulation, and algorithmic complexity.

​We are looking for a software engineer with a top degree (preferably MSc or PhD) and exceptional talent for algorithm development. Although advantageous, EDA experience is not essential.

The position would be ideal for an ambitious Software Engineer looking for a new challenge with a Mathematics or Computer Science PhD who has a proven and innovative approach to research and software development OR software engineers with relevant industry experience.

Key Skills: Grade A or B in A-level mathematics, Russell Group science degree, algorithmic software development, excellent interpersonal communication skills.

Desirable skills: C/C++, QT, multi-threading, EDA development, Graph Theory, Network Theory, 2D Computational Geometry, Data-Structure Design, Complexity Theory.

Location: Newcastle upon Tyne

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