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Getting the best from a Radio Spectrum: MIMO

Getting the best from a Radio Spectrum: MIMO
by Eric Esteve on 06-02-2014 at 8:21 am

Exchanging data through wireless network is that we are doing every day, every hour if not every minute. Not only we use our smartphone to discuss or exchange Emails, but also to download, or upload, massive amounts of data. Thus, the radio spectrum has become to be busy, and is an expansive piece for carriers. Optimizing this radio spectrum is both a technical and business requirement! Just read this white paper from CEVA to better understand MIMO.

One Digital Signal Processing based technique is gaining strong traction, Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO). MIMO is just like magic, as it could allow a x4 bandwidth multiplication, both for emission and reception. This DSP technique is all but trivial, but with good DSP engineer developing the right algorithm on the right piece of hardware, here a DSP core from CEVA, it’s possible to boost a base station and reach such bandwidth multiplication.

I could try to explain Antenna Correlation (above) or MIMO 4 level tree with QPSK Modulation (below), but I would not be as didactic as Noam Dvoretzki and Zeev Kaplan from CEVA, so I recommend you to read this white paper “MIMO Maximum Likelihood Detector” posted here, on CEVA web site.

In the conclusion, the white paper states that MLD receiver achieves superior results to the linear receiver, and describes the factors that need to be considered when choosing an MLD implementation. Choosing an optimized MLD receiver can be the main differentiator in a cellular product!

Eric Esteve from IPNEST

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