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CES 2024 and all things Cycling

CES 2024 and all things Cycling
by Daniel Payne on 01-11-2024 at 10:00 am

From the comfort of my home office I attended CES 2024 virtually this week, and collected all the news for cyclists, and it’s mostly all about e-bikes. The total count of e-bike sales now even outnumber EV car sales worldwide, so that growth trend continues. Some 85% of all bikes sold in China are now e-bikes.


This single category continues to grow in revenue and units shipped, so CES is a popular place to show off the latest in bikes with electric motors, powered by batteries to ease some of the manual peddling burden for commuters, mountain bikers, and cargo bikes.


An urban e-bike with no hubs on the wheels.


They showed two e-bike styles this year, and have features like: hub motor lock, emergency SOS, vibration detector, real-time GPS tracking, and geofencing.

  • Gravel – UrbanCross
UrbanCross min
UrbanCross, from Vanpowers
  • Mountain – GrandTeton
GrandTeton min
GrandTeton, from Vanpowers


An off-road, full suspension e-bike from a vendor that also has e-scooters.

T01 min
T01, from Kugoo


From France with have several e-bikes aimed at commuters.

Multipath Compact Cargo min
Multipath Compact Cargo, from Ultima


A CES 2024 Innovation Award honoree offering four models: Carbon 1s, Carbon 1, Chord, Chord X, Fusion. The carbon frames are unique in that the seat tube doesn’t directly connect to the bottom bracket, rather it’s merged with the seat stays. Carbon is used for the belt-drive, instead of a steel chain, and there’s a built-in display in the stem that even works with Google Maps, Apple Health and Strava, wow. ChatGPT works through Bluetooth to your phone, and there’s also WiFi and GPS. Their e-bike is activated by a ring.

Carbon 1s min
Carbon 1s, fro Urtopia


Plenty of segmentation with eight e-bikes: The C1 (kids), C3 (cargo), C5 (motorbike), D5 Pro (off road), D7 Pro (extreme off road), A7 Pro (commuter), X5 Pro (carbon), and X5 Ultra (carbon mountain bike).

C1 min
C1, from Himiway


New for this year is the Hauler model, a cargo e-bike, adding to their line of over a dozen models to choose from.

Hauler min
Hauler, from Heybike


With almost a dozen e-bike models to choose from, one model that stands out is their fat-tire electric bike.

Hurricane min
Hurricane, from Cyrusher


Blurring the lines between bike and motorcycle is the K1, as it sports motorcycle tires and shocks, but then adds pedals like an e-bike.

K1 min
K1, from Rictor


With the motor in the rear hub, this DragonFly almost looks like a mini-bike, instead of an e-bike.

DragonFly min
DragonFly, from VinFast

Korea Mobility

The KOMO hub-less e-bike from Korea looks like another commuter choice, and they are a 2024 CES Innovation Award honoree.

KOMO min
EH9, by KOMO



An aluminum frame mountain bike with front suspension and disc brakes was shown.

MA270 min
MA270, from AIMA

HYPER Bike Company

One of the few brands that offers both traditional bikes and e-bikes, with 14 models of e-bikes to choose from, mostly commuter and fat-tire e-bikes.

29IN Hyper E Ride min
29in Hyper E-Ride Mountain Bike, by Hyper

Daewon J&B

This South Korean company has some sketchy plans for a hub-less e-bike, so let’s wait for a real product to emerge. The look reminds me of the movie Tron from years ago.

Daewon min
Prototype, from Daewon J&B


From Canada comes a cargo e-bike for carrying big loads, along with software to manage a fleet of delivery vehicles.


This Chinese company has two off-road e-bikes, the V20 and V30, both looking like a cross between a moped and a motorcycle. Manufactured by Dongguan Shiwei Technology.

Movcan V20 min
V20. from Movcan


With 18 models of e-bikes, this Chinese company has products for: city, commuter, fat cruiser, road, mountain.

Saneagle min
ZNH-E-2313, from Saneagle


This Tennessee-based company produces products in multiple categories, and they field five e-bikes for off-road and commuting.

Greenworks min
80V Venture Series, from Greenworks


From Canada comes a startup that provides an e-bike for hauling cargo, along with the logistics for fleet management of deliveries.

MileBox min
Cargo e-bike, from MileBox


With eight e-bikes to choose from, this Chinese company also offers scooters.

YeScooter min
EB23 Mountain e-bike, from YeScooter


There are no pedals on this e-bike fro California, and the tube design is unlike any other bike on the road.

Owlet min
Electric Celeste, from Owlet


Offering three models of e-bikes, this Chinese company has integrated a display for their bikes.

Q5 min
Q5 Mountain e-bike, from Kixin


A hub-powered e-bike with mid-frame suspension, and adjustable height stem and seat.

KS M3 min
KS-M3, from KingSong


Thirteen models of e-bikes are offered by this vendor, and they have aluminum frames.

E15 min
E15, from Smilee


Two e-bike models with suspension, motorcycle light and fat tires.

Trooper 01 min
Trooper 01, from Yadea

YK Chic

Three models of fat-tire e-bikes hail from this Chinese vendor.

EBA205 min
EBA205, from YK Chic


A range of off-road, full-suspension e-bikes, made in China.

Attack 10 min
Attack 10, fro Kopuway


The name made famous by self-balancing two-wheel mobility, now has a new e-bike called Xafari.

Xafari min
Xafari, by Segway


How about a cruiser e-bike from VTA, they mostly offer scooters.

VTA min
From VTA


This step-through e-bike called the Flluid-3 touts a long range battery, suspension, fenders and a rack.

Flluid 3 min
Flluid-3, from Fuell


I’ve used indoor trainers from both Wahoo and Garmin (Tacx), where you remove the rear wheel and attach the bike to a smart trainer, then use a fitness app like Zwift to ride virtual courses.


Your bike rides on rollers, while being supported by the frame so that you don’t tip over at slow speeds. This produce was a CES 2024 Innovation Award Honoree in the Digital Health category. I first used rollers in the 1970s, and there is a learning curve to stay balanced, especially at slow speeds. Once you get the hang of it, then you steer to keep on track.

It looks like this system has it’s own software, but I’ve never seen it for sale in any of my online or retail bike stores yet.

ultiracerneocyclingsimulatorforalifetimeofexercise min
ULTIRACER NEO from Realdesigntech Co.


It looks like a Peloton, yet this company offers 60 models of exercise bikes.

Evo Fit min
Evo-Fit, from Sunny


The Ampera is a seat with pedals for desk workers that can charge your devices through a USB-C port or a 15W Qi charging plate, so not something that you put on gym clothes for a workout, rather something used in home and office for light exercise.

LifeSpan min
Ampera, by LifeSpan

Smart Accessories

CoPilot is an AI-powered bike light and camera designed to keep cyclists safer on the road.

CoPilot min
CoPilot, from

Livall Helmets

Commuters will be seen with the Smart Commuter helmet, as the rear light is higher up and more visible to motorists.

Livall min
Smart Commuter Helmet L23, from LIVALL

In Charge

Where are you going to charge your e-bike? That’s where In Charge comes in, as they are building up an EV charger network for e-bikes and scooters.

In Charge min
EV charger network, from In Charge


Wireless charging for e-cargo bikes, that’s what this Chinese company has developed.

WiPowerOne min
Wireless charging, from WiPowerOne


Women can use the new HR-Fit, it’s a heart rate monitor that fits onto medium and high-support sports bras. I sure hope that swapping batteries doesn’t require using a miniature Torx screwdriver like on previous models, as the threads tend to strip out.


HR fit min
HR-Fit, from Garmin


Earbuds that also track heart rate and body temperature, OK, that’s unique, but I recommend that cyclists not be distracted with earbuds while on the road for safety reasons.

Momentum Sport min
Momentum Sport, by Sennheiser


Similar to Garmin, MindMics has an earbud with heart rate monitoring feature, plus they are a CES 2024 Innovation Awards honoree.

MindMics min
MindMics Heart Health System


Modern cars have airbags and they save many lives, so why not do something similar for cyclists? Safeware has a wearable airbag that looks like a vest, and they are a CES 2024 Innovation Awards Honoree.


personalmobilityairbagvest min
Personal Mobility Airbag Vest, by Safeware


The Snapdragon Digital Chassis SoCs give e-bikes connectivity, infotainment, advanced rider assistances systems (ARAS) and personalized cloud-connected digital services.

Qualcomm min
Snapdragon Digital Chassis SoCs, by Qualcomm


Placing both the electric motor and gears inside the same gearbox is what the Cyclee from Valeo does, so no more derailleurs for an e-bike.

Cyclee min
Cyclee, from Valeo


The electric motor is central to all e-bikes, and that is where Bosch comes in, as they sell the drivetrain to e-bike companies, like: Riese & Muller, Gazelle, Trek, and Tern.  Editors at Wired did test rides outside of several e-bikes at Red Rocks Canyon National Conservation Area.

Bosch min
Active Line Plus, from Bosch


I still ride a traditional road bike, however more of my buddies are buying e-bikes for their spouses and parents. As I cycle around the Portland, Oregon area I’m seeing more e-bikes in all flavors: commuter, fat-tire, mountain, road, cargo. The e-bike revolution just keeps growing, with all of the traditional bike brands (Specialized, Trek, Cannondale, Fuji, Canyon) adding electric models, and new entrants emerge that have no bike history.

Follow my cycling adventures on Strava, or in virtual reality on Zwift (Daniel Payne, 66), better yet, let’s go for a ride together.

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