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WEBINAR: Emulation and Prototyping in the age of AI

WEBINAR: Emulation and Prototyping in the age of AI
by Daniel Nenni on 09-27-2023 at 8:00 am

Artificial Intelligence is now the primary driver of leading edge semiconductor technology and that means performance is at a premium and time to market will be measured in billions of dollars of revenue. Emulation and Prototyping have never been more important and we are seeing some amazing technology breakthroughs including a unified platform from Corigine.

How does an innovative and unified platform for Prototyping and Emulation deliver never seen speeds, truly fast enough for system software development?

How is Debug made possible with powerful capabilities to shorten validation times by orders of magnitude?

Is Push-Button automation for real? And how can scalability go from 1 to 128 FPGA’s on the fly?

To answer these questions, please join the Corigine coming up webinar. We will showcase the new MimicPro-2 platform architected and designed from the ground up by the pioneers of Emulation and Prototyping.

LIVE WEBINAR: Emulation and Prototyping in the age of AI
October 18, 9:00am PDT

mimic 128

The complexity of hardware and software content increases the need of faster emulation and prototyping capacity to achieve the hardware verification and software development goals. Identifying the best balance of emulation and prototyping hardware capacity for SoC design teams is always challenging. This is why Corigine made the best effort to determine the upfront unified prototyping and emulation platform.

Corigine’s team hailing from the days of Quickturn and developing generations of Emulation and Prototyping at the big EDA companies has architected a unified new platform. The new platform breaks barriers in a space that has not been keeping pace with the needs of AI, Processors and Communications SoCs that need software running at the system performance levels…pre-silicon. And as the shift-left push shortens R&D cycles, enormous innovations in debug are necessary, with the kind of backdoor access and system view transparency that is near-impossible with legacy emulation and prototyping platforms. A new Corigine platform will be unveiled in this webinar to showcase and demo what is achievable

Why attend?

In this webinar, you will gain insights on:

  • What new levels are achievable for software and hardware teams for
    • Pre-silicon emulation performance
    • Debug capabilities as never seen before
    • Multi-user accessibility and granularity
  • What is next on the prototyping and emulation roadmap
LIVE WEBINAR: Emulation and Prototyping in the age of AI
October 18, 9:00am PDT

Ali Khan
The VP Business and Product Development at Corigine. He has over 25 years of experience building startups and running businesses, with particular expertise in the semiconductor sector. Before joining Corigine, Ali was Director of Product Management at Marvell, Co-Founder of Nexsi System, and Server NIC Product Manager at 3Com. Ali obtained a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from UT Austin and MBA from Indiana University.

Mike Shei
The VP Engineering at Corigine. Mike has over 30 years of experience on emulation/prototyping tools.

About Corigine
Corigine is a leading supplier of FPGA prototyping cards and systems to shift left R&D schedules. Corigine delivers EDA tools, IPs and networking products. Corigine has worldwide R&D centers and offices in US, London, South Africa, and China. https://www.corigine.com/

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