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Quantom Dots and Semiconductors?

Quantom Dots and Semiconductors?
by Daniel Nenni on 05-15-2014 at 4:00 pm

 Imagine life without science and great minds that made life worth living! It is personalities like Newton, Thomas Alva Edison, Graham Bell, Alexander, Michael Faraday who have made us realized the true potential of science.

Imagine what would have happened if Newton had not discovered gravity? It is due to gravity that earth revolves around sun. Many of you would have enjoyed adventurous sports such as bungee jumping, sky diving or parachuting. Such amazing sports could not be performed if we would have not known the law of gravity.

If it wouldn’t have been Michael Faraday, we could have stayed aloof from electricity. You would have light in your house; however, with an oil lamp. You could take a bath with hot water; however, without a geyser. There would not be heat without fire; likewise, no Ac’s, no refrigerator, no Television, no computers and no movies. Life would have been so boring! It is impossible to even dream of a week without electricity.

Likewise, there are so many scientific discoveries that have completely changed human lives and improved their living. For example, antibiotics, penicillin, X-rays, atomic bombs, etc.

One such amazing discovery is of quantum dots invented by Alexei Ekimov and Louis E. Brus. They are nano particles that show quantum mechanical properties. Their electronic properties fall between those of discrete molecules and bulk semiconductors. Their amazing quantum properties make them widely applicable in numerous industry sectors. As quantum nano particles change their size, i.e., they reduce in their size, they emit colors. This property is harnessed by many manufacturers for anti-counterfeiting activities. At present, they are used in labeling biological materials in vivo and in vitro of animals other than human. Through this, one can easily identify biomolecules.

In 2004, researchers of Carnegie Mellon University, jointly with QDC’s scientists found that quantum dots, which were infused inside the body of animals were emitting distinctive lights for eight months. Hence, a study has been undertaken for using such nano particles in human body in treating and monitoring diseases such as cancer.

Quantum dots would also find application in apple’s retina displays used in Phones, iPod Touch, MacBookPro and iPads. USPTO- US Patent and Trademark Office published applications from apple that proposes to use quantum dots technology in their retina displays.

Quantum dots light emitting property can be used in solar energy by trapping sunlight. “The key accomplishment is the demonstration of large-area luminescent solar concentrators that use a new generation of specially engineered quantum dots,” said lead researcher Victor Klimov of the Center for Advanced Solar Photophysics, at Los Alamos.

“LSCs are especially attractive because, in addition to gains in efficiency, they can enable new, interesting concepts such as photovoltaic windows that can transform house facades into large-area energy generation units,” he said

Quantum dots are proving to be of great use in varied fields and their market is growing fast. Many researches have concurred that quantum dots market would grow exponentially in future. This is due to its exceptional quantum mechanical characteristics. One such research was published by allied market research recently and it analyzed quantum dots market to reach $5.04 Billion by 2020. This would make it a profitable technology for investors.

by Amritesh Suman

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