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PrEDAC Mixer

PrEDAC Mixer
by Paul McLellan on 05-15-2014 at 3:53 pm

 This month’s EDAC mixer is once again at the Savvy Cellar in Mountain View (basicallly in the Caltrain station). It is on May 22nd from 6-8pm.

Get together with your fellow industry peers and insiders at the monthly EDAC Mixer, to the benefit of local charities. You don’t need to donate anything, you just show up and pay for your own drinks. A portion of the proceeds will go to local charities, this month to the Mountain View Educational Foundation (MVEF), a volunteer driven non-profit that provides funding for enrichment programs and educational material to enhance the solid academic curriculum and maintain the high quality of education in the Mountain View Whisman School District. To learn more about MVEF, visit their web site here.

Although I doubt you will get thrown out if you just attend, EDAC would like you to register (it’s free) so they have some idea of numbers. Register here.

So just in case it isn’t clear, here is what you do:

  • Decide to go
  • Register here
  • Show up at Savvy Cellar, 750 Evelyn at 6pm on 22nd Map
  • Mingle with your industry colleagues
  • Pay for any food and drink you consume
  • Savvy Cellar will donate a percentage to MVEF

    Of course the ultimate EDA mixer comes up about 10 days later on the Sunday night of DAC, June 1st, from 5.30-7pm at the Intercontinental Hotel, 888 Howard Street. Just show up.

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