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Thanks to Linkedin members: 24 “Like” given to “Interface Protocols, USB3, HDMI, MIPI… the winner and losers in 2011”

Thanks to Linkedin members: 24 “Like” given to “Interface Protocols, USB3, HDMI, MIPI… the winner and losers in 2011”
by Eric Esteve on 01-14-2012 at 12:53 pm

Just because it seems that the likes given to: Interface Protocols, USB3, HDMI, MIPI… the winner and losers in 2011 were numerous, I decided to count it.

Twenty-four likes received, in 11 Linkedin groups (see below), that’s good! Very goos! Thanks to all of you… And most probably thanks to IPNESTfor the quality of the data.

If you did not read this post, it maybe the right time to do it! You will find many, many useful information about USB 3.0, HDMI, DisplayPort, MIPI and more

Eric Esteve

And now the list:

Semiconductor Wiki Project (www.SemiWiki.com )

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Semiconductor – VLSI

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Processor/SoC/Systems Architecture, RTL Design Professionals

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Texas Instruments

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Microelectronics Network

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China Semiconductor Professional Network 中国集成电路专业人士协会

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High Speed Interface Design Professionals

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Semiconductor – Sales & Marketing

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Chuck Dube • Any thoughts on wireless HDMI (or whatever it’s called). Basically, the 60Ghz or so wireless interface between displays and video equipment. It seems 802.11ac? may be a contender.

Franz Dugand • The soon to be released 802.11ac may be the leading technology for wireless video streaming in the coming years. It has new features tailored for video streaming, and is using 5GHz band, so less crowded than 2.4GHz, and less expensive/challenging than 60GHz. Backward compatible with 802.11n, 802.11ac will probably be very popular in TV, STB and DVD players, those equipment being more and more connected to the internet.

MIPI Alliance

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