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Silicon Valley, It’s About Culture

Silicon Valley, It’s About Culture
by Arthur Hanson on 04-13-2015 at 4:00 pm

 Spreading the culture of Silicon Valley is the best way to take the US and the world to a better place. This culture is already spreading, but many organizations and especially governments are doing everything possible to hold on to the past to the detriment of all. Silicon Valley/US businesses have made the strongest statement that can be made by keeping and investing money overseas ($2.1 Trillion). This is the ultimate indictment of a government that displays a gross contempt as steward of the people’s money and resources. It is not only taxes, but regulations and laws that act as taxes that are becoming a detriment to the lead Silicon Valley has given the US.

Silicon Valley embraces the best and fastest way of moving ahead and improving our lives with the least downside of any other competing cultures. The points below are the basic framework that makes Silicon Valley and the tech sector tick. It isn’t just about silicon, it’s about the business and social process that has extended its reach into every corner of our society.

Efficiency is the number one factor driving our tech sector. Less power, materials, space, waste, cost, time and especially less holding on to the past. Automation of everything from design to manufacturing takes this a step further. Delivering more is the next factor: More performance, functions, intuitiveness, migration paths and above all better results.

What makes much of this possible is more acceptance of failure as when venture capital firms are willing to accept an eighty plus percent failure rate. It is the ability of Silicon Valley to manage and work with failure in a way that creates some of the greatest displays of the human spirit to reach even higher each time they exercise it. This allows more dreams to be put into action and as a result far more dreams become reality. This culture has taken systems that were large, expensive and limited to powerful, inexpensive commodities that fit in the palm of our hand.

The Silicon Valley culture of labor flexibility, transparency, allowing failure, ever increasing performance at ever lower cost at an accelerating rate now needs to be taken to government if the US and many other countries are to survive and prosper in a world with ever increasing challenges. We can no longer afford a government that literally becomes more wasteful and failure oriented. Almost iron clad security for employees and departments combined with a lack of transparency has led to increasing waste, inefficiency, failure and sometimes, sadly, even outright fraud. Bureaucracy in many cases has increasingly become more about survival and growth than results. It’s time to demand value and results by having our government adopt the Silicon Valley culture of accelerating value and results at ever lower costs.

Transparency is the foundation of integrity, honesty and fairness and no tool empowers this like the net, even when the government has made every effort to hide its actions from the people. Our government’s failure has led to the world’s most expensive medical, education, military, and legal system with as many people in prison as China and Russia combined. We can’t be that evil can we?

The top companies in Silicon Valley have made the most important vote of and all and that’s with their money. No business person would ever want to give money to an organization that wastes eighty percent of it. They fully know this is a detriment to the health of society and much of the accelerating government spending and waste is actually detrimental to society. The government’s answer to almost any problem is to throw money at it even as their actions cause the problem to go from bad to worse.

It’s no wonder Silicon Valley doesn’t want to feed this government culture that is becoming more and more about failure, waste, inefficiency and most sadly of all, outright corruption. No system is perfect, but our government has been in a state of decline for years.

The Silicon Valley culture is by far its most important product and it is far too important to mankind to leave its spread to chance. Only rarely is the government able to manage failure in a positive manner and this is the most valuable process the government should learn from Silicon Valley. The greatest document ever written is our Constitution and Silicon Valley is our greatest hope to embody the ultimate potential of the human spirit. US businesses have made a 2.1 trillion dollar vote for what the best and brightest think our government should do. This is not only about money, but lives and bringing out the very best in our people. It’s not about taxes, it’s about value and a government that isn’t delivering. At one time our government served the people, it’s time for the government to again serve the people and not itself. It’s a simple decision between the culture of Washington and the culture of Silicon Valley.

I feel these links should be a reference of what’s possible, just one of many solutions and what our true debt actually is.


reference link http://www.usdebtclock.org/

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