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My iPhone 5s is having hot flashes!

My iPhone 5s is having hot flashes!
by Daniel Nenni on 11-29-2013 at 1:53 pm

It is bad enough my wife is “flashing” but now my phone is 100+ degrees too!?!?!? It seems that an application is getting stuck and the SoC is thrashing. Which application I do not know, you need to use the old process of elimination method to figure this one out. Doing a hard reboot (turning your phone off and on) is the quick fix, you can also restart your phone using factory settings. But I ask Apple here and now what is REALLY going on?
 I switched from my beloved Blackberry to the iPhone 4s 2+ years ago and couldn’t be happier. My personal and professional productivity has increased exponentially, absolutely. My wife and kids all have iPhones and we are a much tighter family unit as a result. Relationships are all about communication right? So to the hard working people at Apple I say, “Thank you for inventing the smartphone and I’m really looking forward to the iPhone 6 with a blazing fast TSMC 20nm SoC.”

Unfortunately battery life is a real concern and as we see more integration of features into the SoC and more applications on our phones, applications that get “stuck” are going to be a deafening problem! After Googling around I have found that this is not just an Apple problem, Samsung phones are burning up too so spare me the Apple bashing. Back in the day there were a dozen or so chips on a computer mother board. In fact, when I first started working at Data General a CPU consisted of multiple printed circuit boards. Now if you look at the latest SoC from QCOM just about everything our phone does is on one chip. You would think having less chips in your phone would extend battery life but they also added more cool features so it seems to be a wash. No matter what phone I have I get about a day’s worth of use unless of course an application gets stuck then it is a matter of minutes. And don’t tell me your phone is better because you get more than a day’s use because I use mine way more than you do.

Battery life is now part of the mainstream benchmarking process, which is good, but as I have written before, benchmark cheating is the second oldest profession so I really don’t trust any of them. In fact, Samsung was just caught benchmark cheating yet again by multiple benchmarking sites. Do you see a pattern here? Apparently Samsung has some low level code that detects when you run a benchmark and it reconfigures to get better results. So go ahead and brag about how good your Samsung phone or tablet is or how much market share they now have knowing full well that the company itself is ethically bankrupt.

One final comment, for those of you who think your fingerprint will end up in a NSA database from the new sensor on the iPhone 5s thank you for the laugh out loud. Just wait for Google glasses to do a retina scan on you.

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