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Revolv hubs are bricks on May 15th

Don Dingee

New member
Apparently, the Revolv smart hub and "Works with Nest" are incompatible - Nest is completely shutting down Revolv, including disabling existing hubs and apps, on May 15th.

Google's Nest closing smart-home company Revolv, bricking devices - Business Insider

Is this the Internet of Temporary Things? One of the big perception problems with consumer IoT devices is the lifecycle. This is going to irritate consumers to no end if they choose a device, affix it to a light, an outlet, a door, a sprinkler system, or whatever, and it stops working in just a couple of years.

Granted this is not a design problem - this is a business model and resource problem. It looks like bigger problems are brewing at Nest, with questions about Tony Fadell's leadership.