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Enhancing Security with Securyzr™ iSE with integrated Hypervisor


Staff member
Secure-IC is thrilled to announce our participation at Embedded World 2024, where we will showcase one of our latest innovations, the Securyzr™ integrated Secure Element (iSE) Application Firmware Hypervisor. Developed in collaboration with ZAYA Tech, it offers unparalleled levels of isolation and security. Join us at Embedded World to witness firsthand the power of this groundbreaking solution.

The collaboration between Secure-IC and Zaya signifies a milestone in advancing embedded security solutions, ensuring compliance with industry standards such as PSTI, GP-TEE, EU CRA, IETF, SESIP. With comprehensive software-to-hardware isolation, our solution attains PSA level 3, ensuring the highest degree of security. Furthermore, seamless dynamic loading of applications within the enclave enables real-time code patching upon security issue detection, enhancing responsiveness to threats. This integration also establishes a secure environment within the enclave, aligning with industry standards like iTEE and TPM2.0, to ensure trusted execution and safeguard critical operations.

Securyzr™ iSE: Your Trusted Root of Trust​

Embedded within the main SoC, Securyzr™ iSE serves as Secure-IC’s Root of Trust solution, delivering a multitude of services to its host system. From secure boot and firmware updates to cryptographic services and anti-tampering protection, our solution offers comprehensive security features tailored for diverse applications within the Internet-of-Things ecosystem.

With its dual computation architecture and robust isolation mechanisms, Securyzr™ iSE provides an additional layer of security compared to traditional trusted execution environments. Its flexibility ensures compatibility across a spectrum of applications, ranging from low-power sensors to connected cars.

Empowering Security with Microcontainers​

ZAYA Tech’s Secure OS and Microcontainers play a pivotal role in enhancing the security posture of embedded systems. These microcontainers isolate critical components, ensuring that applications and services remain segregated for maximum security.

Microcontainers inside Securyzr™ iSE offer a platform-agnostic development environment, enabling seamless migration of user applications across different architectures. Their independent design and development allow for versatility in toolchains and IDEs, while their multi-threaded execution environment ensures optimal performance.

Furthermore, the containerization concept is deployment-friendly, allowing for individual installation and upgrades in the field. This agility empowers developers to adapt to evolving security requirements seamlessly.

Integration for Unparalleled Security​

Securyzr™ iSE Application Firmware Hypervisor establishes a formidable security framework. By leveraging the cryptographic acceleration, secure boot, and asset protection capabilities of Securyzr™ iSE, developers can safeguard sensitive information from untrusted applications running on the main processor.

This collaboration enables a secure programming model, empowering developers to create custom security extensions within Securyzr™ iSE, thereby establishing a PSA Application Root of Trust. Together, Secure-IC and ZAYA Tech are redefining embedded security paradigms, offering unparalleled protection for a wide range of applications.

Join Us at Embedded World 2024​

We invite you to visit Secure-IC’s booth (#4-571) or Zaya Tech’s booth (#4-502b) at Embedded World 2024 to explore the potential of Securyzr™ iSE Application Firmware Hypervisor firsthand. Our experts will be on hand to provide live demonstrations and insights into how this collaboration is shaping the future of embedded security.

Secure-IC is committed to delivering innovative solutions that meet the evolving security needs of the IoT ecosystem. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness the next generation of embedded security technologies in action. See you at Embedded World 2024!

>> Download Securyzr™ iSE Application Firmware Hypervisor brochure

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