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Avionyx soars with Siemens: A new technology collaboration unveiled


Staff member
June 19, 2024
San José, Costa Rica


Avionyx has announced its new status as a Siemens Technology Partner.

Avionyx, a leader in full software lifecycle engineering based in Costa Rica, proudly announces its new status as a Siemens Technology Partner. Celebrating over 35 years in the aerospace and safety-critical systems sector, Avionyx has solidified its expertise in DO-178 full software lifecycle and DO-254, continually evolving to meet and exceed industry standards.

The collaboration with Siemens marks a significant milestone, enabling Avionyx to leverage Siemens’ Polarion ™ ALM software, a collaborative, web-based Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tool. This collaboration not only strengthens Avionyx's capabilities in managing complex software development projects but also enhances their ability to customize solutions tailored to specific client needs.

Tailored Solutions for Rigorous Standards

Avionyx’s specialty product, Polavio, is a testament to their commitment to innovation and excellence. Polavio integrates seamlessly with Siemens’ Polarion, providing a robust platform designed to manage all software artifacts necessary for compliance with stringent standards like DO-178C, DO-254, and ASTM F3153-15.

Key features of Polavio include:
  • - Comprehensive Management: From importing and creating requirements, source code, test cases, and procedures, to providing automatic tracing, version control, and change impact analysis.
  • - Enhanced Workflows: Customizable workflows that enhance efficiency in peer reviews, Software Configuration Control Boards (SCCBs), Change Impact Analyses (CIAs), Software Quality Assurance (SQA) audits, and project management.
  • - Automation: Capabilities to generate automated test scripts that update progress tracking automatically, enhancing the precision and efficiency of testing phases.
  • - Adapting to Customer Needs
Recognizing the diverse needs of their clients, Avionyx has effectively customized various aspects of the Siemens’ Polarion software:
  • - Import and Integration: Ability to import work items from external files such as Word, PDF, text, and XML, and perform automatic change impact analysis on linked items.
  • - Workflow Management: Customization options extend to document-level and work item-level peer reviews, problem report tracing, QA audits, and baseline establishment.
  • - Project Management Tools: Features such as user and role management, real-time progress tracking, and risk assessment with heat maps to evaluate potential impacts.
The collaboration between Avionyx and Siemens is a reinforcing synergy that enhances both entities' ability to deliver top-tier software solutions in highly regulated industries. As Avionyx continues to innovate and tailor solutions like Polavio, they are not just meeting industry standards—they are setting them.

To read the announcement in full, visit the Avionyx newsroom

Link to Press Release