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Webinar: Chip-Level Electromagnetic Crosstalk Signoff Using EMX Solver

July 11 @ 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

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Today’s wireless and high-speed chip designs integrate an incredible amount of functionality on very small silicon real estate. Such integration requires optimization from the early stages of the design to post-layout vs. schematic (LVS) signoff. Increasingly complex designs and advanced process nodes test the limits of electromagnetic (EM) solvers in terms of modeling capacity and times.

This session will present a seamless, “EM-aware” design flow. The flow starts with the synthesis and optimization of  passive components using EMX Designer, followed by floor planning optimization with “EM in the loop” analysis of coupling effects using the EMX Solver’s black-boxing feature. These topics have been covered in previous webinars. This webinar focuses on chip-level signoff of EM crosstalk.

Key takeaways:

· Use a seamless, unified design flow within Cadence Virtuoso to model RC plus EM parasitics, combining EMX Solver for EM with Quantus for RC

· De-risk your design from unwanted EM coupling effects

· Achieve chip-level, “EM-aware” designs and signoff for EM crosstalk


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