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Ansys 2024 R2: Thermal Integrity in the Ansys Electronics Desktop Update

July 18 @ 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Join us for an exclusive webinar during Ansys 2024 R2 updates. We’ll showcase significant enhancements to our Thermal Integrity tools. Discover the latest in Icepak, Mechanical Thermal, and Mechanical Structural, with expanded capabilities.

JULY 18, 2024



This Ansys 2024 R2 webinar reviews the updates, enhancements, and new features of the Thermal Integrity tool—Icepak, Mechanical Thermal, and Mechanical Structural. Engineers developing technologies for telecommunications, HPC, automotive, A&D, and IoT applications will find many new capabilities and improvements in this update.

We will combine the thermal integrity story and show significant enhancements in existing flows, using new capabilities for an easier and more robust solution.

  • Mesh Fusion in Icepak is markedly enhanced to enable robust meshing on complicated assemblies for insightful thermal results
  • Icepak is expanding the capabilities of the GPU solver to encompass even more applications for impressively fast simulations
  • Introduction of the structural stress/strain/deformation solver in AEDT for accurate and easy-to-use thermal expansion analysis

What attendees will learn

  • IMesh Fusion enhancements and use for insightful thermal analysis in Icepak
  • GPU solver enhancements for Icepak for faster simulations
  • Introduction of the structural stress/strain/deformation design for easy-to-use thermal expansion analysis
  • Introduction of the MCM DELPHI ROM in Icepak along with dynamic ROM
  • Enhanced PCB workflows from SIWave-to-Icepak
  • Enhanced Q3d coupling to thermal solution in AEDT
  • Transient EMLoss in Icepak for connections to HFSS/Q3D/Maxwell

Who should attend

System Thermal Engineers, Electrical Engineers, and Mechanical Engineers


Jeffrey Tharp


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