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Improving Complex System Design

Improving Complex System Design
by Paul McLellan on 08-29-2014 at 7:01 am

Next week Mike Jensen of Mentor will present a webinar Improving Complex System Design Reliability and Robustness. The webinar will be presented live twice and presumably available for replay soon after, as is usually the case:

  • September 4th 6.00-6.45am pacific (9pm in Asia, 3pm in most of Europe)
  • September 4th 10.00-10.45am pacific

This is actually a webinar about Mentor’s SystemVision multi-physics development environment. The webinar will cover how using model-based design can produce order-of-magnitude improvements in productivity and quality and help ensure the reliability and robustness of your next system design.

Complex systems require a unique design approach to ensure reliable and robust performance. A model-based design methodology provides a virtual system incubator for evaluating design ideas, analyzing parameter variability, optimizing costs, and jump-starting production. Using this approach, advanced individual component models overcome limitations in traditional approaches and account for manufacturing and environmental variations so that the integrated system model reflects the cumulative variability. Tolerance stack-ups can be evaluated, and reasonable performance margins verified, resulting in improved design reliability, and lower system and warranty costs.

Mike will showcase robust design methodologies for system development, focusing on statistical and parametric analysis methods (Monte Carlo, sensitivity, worst case) presented in SystemVision. SystemVision supports full-featured model development using both VHDL-AMS and SPICE formats, simulates systems at multiple levels of model abstraction, quantifies the effect of variation in component performance, and is fully integrated with the popular DxDesigner / Xpedition environment from Mentor Graphics.

This is a product which spans a huge range of capabilities and has a correspondingly broad range of people who would benefit from attending: system engineers, control engineers, mechanical engineers, engineers developing test environments for complex multi-domain systems, engineers doing analog, digital or mixed signal design. And of course, people managing groups in these areas.

More information, including a link to register for the webinar, are here. More information on SystemVision is here.

Also, if you are in automotive in Michigan, there is a special automotive U2U meeting in two weeks on September 10th in the Aurora Hotel in Dearborn. Details, including a registration link (it’s free) are here.

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