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Is an ASIC Right for Your Next IoT Product?

Is an ASIC Right for Your Next IoT Product?
by Daniel Nenni on 08-07-2017 at 7:00 am

According to a recent study by ARM, more than one trillion IoT devices will be built between 2017 and 2035. Based on research for an upcoming book on IoT devices and looking at SemiWiki IoT analytics I find that number to be reasonable, in fact, easily attainable. Even more interesting, the market for IoT devices and related services could be worth a staggering one trillion dollars per year by 2035! Clearly systems companies are in the best position to win this market as long as they can make their own IoT chips and that is where the tried and true ASIC business model comes back into play.

The ASIC business model came about in the 1980s and was the catalyst for what we now call the fabless semiconductor ecosystem. You no longer needed the massive capital and semiconductor expertise that was required to make a chip unique to your requirements and kept away from competitor’s hands. This ASIC revolution not only enabled a slew of fabless semiconductor companies that dominated the semiconductor industry, it also enabled a number of systems companies such as Apple, Cisco, Microsoft, and even Google to become what is now known as “fabless systems companies”, systems companies who control their silicon destiny.

While it is true that the pioneering ASIC companies (VLSI Technology and LSI Logic) have been assimilated, we are seeing a resurgence of ASIC activities specifically targeted at IoT devices. So if you are a systems company and want to control your silicon destiny there are two important questions you ask yourself: First, is an ASIC right for your next IoT product? And second, how will you properly evaluate ASIC partners? Which brings us to an interesting (8) page whitepaper:

Is an ASIC Right for Your Next IoT Product?
This whitepaper from Presto Engineering, Inc., looks at factors that determine potential benefits of an ASIC solution relative to a discrete alternative and discusses ways to reduce costs and increase value by managing risk and complexity.

For those of you who don’t know, Presto Engineering has been providing engineering services and turn-key solutions for more than ten years and is a recognized expert in RF, analog, mixed-signal, and secured applications. Coincidentally, IoT chips are all about RF, analog, and mixed-signal design wrapped up in a secure package, right?

Bottom line: You can build an IoT ASIC for about $5M using proven process technologies by partnering with Presto Engineering. It really is all about reducing cost AND minimizing risk so chose your IoT ASIC partner wisely.

About Presto Engineering, Inc.
Presto Engineering, Inc. provides outsourced operations for semiconductor and IoT device companies, helping its customers minimize overhead, reduce risk and accelerate time-to-market. The company is a recognized expert in the development of industrial solutions for RF, analog, mixed-signal and secured applications – from tape-out to delivery of finished goods. Presto’s proprietary, highly-secure manufacturing and provisioning solution, coupled with extensive back-end expertise, gives its customers a competitive advantage. The company offers a global, flexible, dedicated framework, with headquarters in the Silicon Valley, and operations across Europe and Asia. For more information, visit: www.presto-eng.com.

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