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Waiting or EUV – Another View on the ReRAM Roadmap

Waiting or EUV – Another View on the ReRAM Roadmap
by Ed McKernan on 11-05-2012 at 9:03 pm

 It is ‘Quarterly’ financial report time for many companies and one can occasionally find some interesting snippets in the transcripts of the calls which normally accompany these announcements. For example, SanDisk appear to have an encouraging quarter, reversing sales declines seen through Q1 and Q2. However, what caught my eye was this quote attributed to SanDisk’s CEO Sanjay Mehrotra “We also believe that 3D ReRAM will not start production until sometime beyond 2015 given its need for EUV lithography, which is still in development phase.” (A similar comment is buried in the presentation made by SanDisk at their Analyst’s day in February this year.) This is somewhat more conservative than other company’s roadmaps as we have discussed at ReRAM-Forum.com. Coincidentally the annual EUV Lithography Workshop has just been held in Hawaii in June and the more recently, the EUV Source Workshop held in Dublin in October. Both the EUV Workshops have full proceedings on-line at www.euvlitho.com. In a bit of a departure from our regular Blog focus, we have taken a look at EUV as it appears to be a key factor in the ReRAM roadmap of at least one major memory company. For more information go over to www.ReRAM-Forum.com.

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