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ReRAM Cell Modeling and Kinetics

ReRAM Cell Modeling and Kinetics
by Ed McKernan on 10-16-2012 at 8:55 pm

 Introducing the first ReRAM-Forum movie!! In part 2 of their recently published papers in the Transactions on Electron Devices of the IEEE, Professor Ielmini’s group describe the modeling of resistive switching in bipolar metal oxide ReRAM. Like part 1, the paper is collaboration with David Gilmer of Sematech who provided the Hafnium Oxide based ReRAM samples. The numerical model solves the drift/diffusion equations for ion migration, allowing the evolution of the conductive filament to be viewed in ‘real time’. The model reproduces the abrupt set and gradual reset transitions along with the kinetics of cell behavior observed experimentally. The reset process is shown in the embedded movie. See More at ReRAM-Forum.com.

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