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Semiconductors, Apple Pie, and the 4th of July!

Semiconductors, Apple Pie, and the 4th of July!
by Daniel Nenni on 07-04-2023 at 6:00 am

Happy 4th of July 1024x768

Semiconductors, apple pie, and the 4th of July are American traditions. You can read about the history of semiconductors in our book “Fabless: The Transformation of the Semiconductor Industry” and the history of Arm in our book “Mobile Unleashed: The Origin and Evolution of Arm processors in our Devices“. Rather than reading about apple pie just go and get some!

July 4th, also known as Independence Day, is a national holiday in the United States that commemorates the country’s independence from Great Britain. It is celebrated annually on July 4th and holds great historical significance. Here are some key points about July 4th from ChatGPT:

  1. Declaration of Independence: On July 4, 1776, the Second Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence, which declared the American colonies’ separation from British rule. This document, drafted primarily by Thomas Jefferson, outlined the principles of liberty, equality, and self-governance that the United States was founded upon.
  2. Independence Day: July 4th marks the anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence and is considered the birthday of the United States. It is a federal holiday, and most businesses, government offices, and schools are closed to observe the occasion.
  3. Patriotic Symbols: During July 4th celebrations, you’ll commonly see patriotic symbols such as the American flag, which represents the unity and independence of the nation. Many people decorate their homes, public spaces, and even themselves with flags, bunting, and other patriotic decorations.
  4. National Spirit: Independence Day is a time when Americans come together to celebrate their shared values and the freedoms they enjoy. It evokes a sense of national pride and fosters a spirit of unity among people of different backgrounds.
  5. Festivities: July 4th celebrations typically include various festivities across the country. Fireworks displays are a highlight of the evening, with vibrant and elaborate shows taking place in many cities and towns. Parades, concerts, carnivals, and community events are also common, offering entertainment for people of all ages.
  6. Barbecues and Picnics: Many people celebrate July 4th with outdoor gatherings, such as barbecues or picnics. Grilling hamburgers, hot dogs, and other classic American dishes is a popular tradition. Families and friends often gather in parks or backyards to enjoy good food, games, and quality time together.
  7. Reflection and Appreciation: Independence Day is also an occasion for reflection on the country’s history and the ideals it represents. It is an opportunity to appreciate the sacrifices made by the founding fathers and to honor the men and women who have fought and continue to fight for the country’s freedom.

While the core elements of July 4th celebrations remain consistent, specific activities and events can vary depending on the location and individual preferences. It is a day to remember and celebrate the birth of the United States as an independent nation and to appreciate the values and freedoms that the country holds dear.

This year my family (wife, children, grandchildren) will be celebrating the 4th in our traditional way: Local parade, backyard BBQ, and watching fireworks on the water.

Happy 4th of July!

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