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Why Blog on

Why Blog on
by Daniel Nenni on 10-21-2012 at 7:00 pm

 The Semiconductor Wiki Project, the premier semiconductor collaboration site, is a growing online community of professionals involved with the semiconductor design and manufacturing ecosystem. Since going online January 1st, 2011 more than 400,000 unique visitors have landed at viewing more than 3M pages of blogs, wikis, and forum posts. WOW!

Anybody can blog on SemiWiki and quite a few people do for personal fulfillment and professional enrichment.

Today everything and everyone is connected and crowd sourced. In fact, all social media, from blogs, to forums and wikis have a profound impact on how people communicate, search for information, and make decisions. Both personally and professionally, social media is no longer an experiment or a moonlighting function, social media is now an integral part of how we communicate.

Blogging is a life changing experience. Blogging is personal branding and can take you from relative obscurity to an internationally recognized industry professional. Blogging is mind expanding and develops communication skills you may never have known possible. One warning however, blogging is addictive. Once you turn it on it is very hard to turn off.

For me blogging is where I think, plan, and reflect. Blogging encourages me to research, gather credible information, and test hypotheses. Blogging is sometimes dangerous and nurtures my risk taking side but also extremely collaborative and provides a real-time feedback loop never before possible. Most importantly, my wife reads my blogs and now after 30+ years together she actually knows what I do for a living besides sitting in my La-Z-Boy with my laptop. She now knows what a semiconductor is, what EDA means, and why semiconductor IP is so important to our everyday lives.

As a SemiWiki blogger you will get personal invitations to industry conferences, seminars, and webinars. You will get exposure and access to semiconductor professionals at all levels, from CEOs to CTOs to engineers, marketing, sales, and public relations people, the entire semiconductor ecosystem at your fingertips.

5 things you should know about SemiWiki:


  • SemiWiki is global. Your experience here will be from around the world with an incredible amount of information at your fingertips. Make sure you connect and interact, make sure you engage at all levels.
  • Build relationships and network. You can truly connect here with people whom you have not met. Make friends and create a global support system for your professional life.
  • Take the good and the bad. Distinguish between fact and opinion, objective and subjective. People will either like or dislike your posts and there is something to be learned from both.
  • Don’t be evil. Top influencers will have one thing in common, they use their influence for the greater good.
  • Be yourself.Impersonating others online is a crime so just be yourself. Share your knowledge, share your profession, share your passion. You don’t have to be an expert or industry icon to be a top influencer on SemiWiki.

    Take control of your social media destiny, join SemiWiki and start blogging today! If you need further convincing feel free to contact me directly on LinkedIn It would be a pleasure to link to you and share my 13,000+ connections.

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