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Xilinx, 100 Reasons to use them

Xilinx, 100 Reasons to use them
by Luke Miller on 08-04-2014 at 4:00 pm

We all like compliments, correct? You know the kind that go like, “Glad you didn’t screw that up”. From time to time I get, “You write what you do because you’re affiliated with Xilinx”. Perhaps I will name my next child Xilinx. I have said this before, I do real work (debatable) and trade studies, and I Believe Xilinx FPGAs are the best choice for what I do. So, below is an unsolicited list of what other Xilinx customers think about the 28nm node, it really is impressive.

Xilinx Leadership

“What Xilinx is doing is not just FPGA anymore.”
Tier1 Asian Comms Company

You guys made the right bet with the process and SSIyou will win this process node.”
Leading US Comms Customer

“Xilinx is the Rock Star of the semiconductor industry” (with 3D IC leadership)
Sr VP at Top 5 Semiconductor Company

“SSIT + ZynQ + AutoESL will be as impactful to engineers as when processors were introduced back in the 60s. This is something big to the industry.”
Central R&D President, Tier1 Asian Comms Company

“The investments that Xilinx is making in technology, especially Zynq, SSIT, and system level resources will pay off big… and I can tell you your competitor is not making the same investments.”
System Architect, Tier 1 Wired Comms Customer

“It is remarkable that Xilinx has improved its design tools while also introducing its next generation silicon.”
Major Communication Customer

“Xilinx is making all the right moves right now. We LOVE the 7 Series, AXI decision and that Xilinx is embracing open design environments while your competition is going the opposite direction.”
US Military Subsystem Supplier

7 Series Leadership

“The speedy roll-out of 28nm is enabling us to get to market first with more cost-competitive products, while also increasing performance.”
Leading Wireless Customer

“Early 28nm availability and great Xilinx support has reduced our product development time and increased our productivity.”
Leading Wireless Customer

“Scalability of Xilinx 7 series will greatly help our product roadmap planning with its ease of migration.”
Tier1 Major Video Equipment Supplier

“7 Series lets me do much more on a single chip, hence a true ASIC replacement not only in the digital domain, but also bringing in some important analog functions. “
Design Service Company, India

“This design needs DDR3 interface going to 1200Mbps, 10Gbps serdes and control the overall power consumption within 10W. These are all things Xilinx competitor cannot offer.”
Leading Wireless Communications Supplier

“I am impressed! Xilinx has addressed our needs for low power, high performance, and IO capability with the 7-Series.”
System Architect, Major Wired Communications Supplier

“The Agile Mixed Signal (AMS) core in 7-Series is a huge differentiator for Xilinx and, for A&D
applications, goes well beyond the $2 BOM savings suggested in the Xilinx sales collateral.”
Engineering Mgr, Major Aerospace & Defense Supplier

“Your power savings of the 7 Series FPGAs are very impressive. We calculated the power with your SW tools, measured it on the real HW and both results matched very well. The low power story is not just a marketing campaign, this is real.”
European Wireless Customer

“… our design teams are excited about the tremendous potential of Xilinx 28nm FPGAs.”
Hardware Director, Tier 1 Asian Communications Supplier

“We can now use FPGAs for a whole new class of power sensitive applications.”
Tier1 AVB customer

” Looking at our next generation decision, the combination of HPL and Xilinx’ greater DSP efficiency allows us to get to a single chip solution vs a 2 chip solution with your competition… so we’re going to Xilinx.”
Large US ISM Supplier

“Your competitor seriously misled me about their power numbers. Xilinx does have a definite advantage here.”
Leading European Wireless Communications Supplier

“The power savings alone is the reason that we are even considering an FPGA for our next generation design”.
Senior Architect, Major Wireless Communication’s Customer

7-Series power reductions will go a long way towards helping us meet our very challenging power budget.
Program Manager, Leading Defense Contractor

Serdes Leadership

“I’m calling that (GTX transceiver) good at 7.5Gbps…. looks solid to me at 10.3Gbps… this is a very clean eye – 0.7UI !…. 12.5Gbps…that’s gorgeous man!… we are rock solid.”
Tier1 US Comms Customer Testing GTX Transceiver

“The links between our ASICs and Xilinx Serdes are excellent. The Xilinx receiver works error free for amplitudes that are well below the nominal ones and with attenuations that exceed the ones that will be in the real backplane.”
Large European Communications Supplier Test Report

“We had to move to Xilinx for the transceiver performance. We had chosen your competitor, but those devices simply failed to perform across a 10G backplane application.”
Leading US Wired Communications Supplier

“Your Serdes exceeded our expectation. Your performance at 12.5G and the internal eye-scan is world-class. We will embed eye-scan capability in all of our future designs.”
Engineer, Tier 1 Wired Comms Customer

“Your transceiver margin across a difficult channel is definitely better than we saw from the other guys.”
Leading US Wired Communications Supplier

“I tested Kintex on my backplane. This Serdes is on par if not better than our ASICs.”
European Communications Customer

“This Serdes is really impressive in terms of link robustness.”
European Wireless customer

“Great job on the 28G. Xilinx is now the leader in high bandwidth solutions. This is very exciting.”
Large Wireless Communications customer

“The Serdes looks great with excellent performance. The 2D eye-scan is a feature that is of great interest to us.”
Tier 1 US Comms Customer

“We depend upon Serdes performance in all of our systems and Kintex delivers”
Leading Wireless Customer

Virtex Leadership

“The product evolution of Virtex-7 cannot compare with Stratix-5. Therefore, I adopted Virtex-7 to realize a 100GE solution.”
Tier1 Wired Communication Customer

“Getting to 400 MHz with the Virtex-7 fabric was critical in meeting the marketing requirements for our next generation tester.”
Tier 1 T&M Customers

“We have architected our next generation system around your [Virtex-7] parts, just as we have for several generations since Virtex-4.”
VP of Hardware Development, Networking Customer

“We were convinced that we had to use an ASSP to get multiple 100G ports and an NP in our next design, until we saw Virtex-7HT… that changed everything.”
CTO of US Networking Customer

“I just sent a long email to about 30 technology experts across the company using this evidence to move forward with using Xilinx V7. Your excellent support will increase Xilinx FPGA purchases, potentially by a vast amount.”
Major US Military Supplier

‘Power savings moving from Virtex 6 to the 7 series were too great to ignore. We are moving to the 7s right now!’
Power Conscious A&D Engineering Lead

“SSI Technology will be a revolution to eliminate the bottlenecks of high bandwidth PCB design.”
General Manager of Tier1 Communication Customer

“Congratulations on the 2000T. This enables us to use a single FPGA where an ASIC start would have been necessary.”
Midsize Wired Communications customer

“We see a huge productivity advantage to use V2000T to replace 4-6 FPGAs on the current emulation board.”
ASIC Emulation and Verification Company

“V72000T is going to totally change ASIC emulation and algorithmic evaluation.”
Tier1 Consumer Customer

“The integration capability of your SSIT devices are fundamentally changing the way we use FPGAs in our architecture… this gives us more flexibility during development and after field deployment.”
VP of Engineering, Tier 1 Storage Customer

“With V2000T, we can integrate multiple FPGAs in our current design into a single device. This is the only way we can scale our performance and still meet our power and thermal requirements.”
Engineering Director, Networking Company

“Xilinx has always been a technical leader in industrial FPGAs. 28nm SSIT 2000T launch proved this again. We need more and more tight collaboration together.”
Senior Director, Tier1 Asian Comms Company

“We are using highest density, XC7V2000T 7 series device for ASIC emulation platform board design. I am very confident that I will increase this device usage in future for integration of 4 chips to 1 or 2 chips.”
CEO, Leading Verification and Prototyping Services Company in Asia

“7V2000T with SSI technology brings us high density with high performance for ASIC prototyping.”
Major TV customer

“So far I have used several large FPGAs to implement our whole IP. I think we can develop IP and verify it much more easily with the 7V2000T.”
Principal Engineer, Large South Korean Electronics Supplier

Kintex and Artix Leadership

“Kintex is definitely the performance per cost leader.”
Leading European Wireless Customer

“Kintex FPGAs are now used on a wide variety of our products with great success.”
Leading Wireless Customer

“Kintex has the best cost/performance ratio (especially DDRx, PCIe Gen2x8) than others in the market… the best choice to make our next generation tester platform.”
R&D Manager, Leading Test & Measurement Supplier in Asia

“We especially need the low power consumption of Kintex.”
Tier1 Consumer customer

“Kintex-7 is good product for us. The device will provide low power consumption, high speed SIO and big enough density.”
Tier1 Industrial customer

“Xilinx Kintex-7 FPGA offers great performance while maintaining a very low power consumption level.”
Leading Wireless Comms Supplier

“Kintex-7 is the first device ever which has 10Gbps Serdes capability with low power features… this has encouraged us to go with it.”
Tier1 Major Video Equipment Supplier

“We are very impressed with the good Kintex-7 balance between high-performance and low-power consumption and will deploy this technology in our next generation products.”
Major AVB Customer

“We appreciate the higher performance with lower power consumption of Kintex-7, and the fast launch is very helpful to give us competitiveness in the market”
Tier1 Medical/Industrial Customer

“Kintex totally changed our mind concerning FPGA competitiveness vs ASIC. Now FPGA is the best TCO solution.”
Engineering Director of Major AVB Customer

“We now don’t need to make an ASIC for each product to create differentiation.”
Tier1 AVB customer

“We have just completed compile with Kintex-7 for a military com project. Actually, I think 7 series has good performance and specification including its data sampling rate and 3.3V I/O.”
Principal Engineer, Wireless Comms Company, Asia

“I switched from Spartan-6 to Kintex, and plan to take advantage of your easy migration path to Zynq, integrating the Kintex and standalone DSP functions into one chip.”
US Robotics Supplier

“Having high performance and low power [with Kintex] is a large advantage. Adding the processor cores [in Zynq] will be even better.”
Tier 1 US Comms Customer

“With Kintex-7’s cost, power, and IO performance advantages vs. Stratix-V, how could you ever lose?”
FPGA Manager, Major Wired Communications Supplier

The power consumption of the Artix parts is amazing. Power for the FPGA is now at a point where we can consider it in our handheld radios.
System Architect, US Communications Company

Zynq Leadership

“Congratulations from the NI Zynq Team.”
National Instruments

“ZYNQ is going to be the life blood of our company.”
Japan Automotive Customer

“I am very happy that I finally can send back the silicon evaluation package to your competitor. Your Zynq solution is more advanced and in schedule for our next project.”
Tier 1 Automotive Supplier

“We went out and looked at all possible alternatives, but cannot find another device that has the promise and potential capabilities of Zynq.”
Japan Automotive Customer

“We can realize the revolution of camera solution development for driver assistance with the combination of ARM and FPGA with Zynq.”
Tier1 Automotive Customer

“We fully expect to be able to demonstrate our applications on Zynq within a few months, a credit to Xilinx’s early access support, tools, and emulation platform.”
CTO, US Electronic Subsystem Provider

“Zynq enables system integration, reduces BOM components and PCB size, and extends the FPGA application space.”
R&D Director, Communications Company, Beijing

“We need to integrate video processing with a high performance CPU for high end IP CAM. Zynq is the only way we can meet our cost budgets and time to market.”
CTO, Leading Provider of Surveillance Cameras in Asia

“Zynq is creating a new business model for design service companies and customers who need Cortex A9 in their system.”
VP of President’s Office, Fabless ASIC Vendor

“We have used TI DSP chip and FPGA for image processing algorithms. Zynq will bring all of these together for a smaller footprint, lower power, and higher performance.”
Sr Engineer, Leading South Korean Electronics Supplier

“We spent 3 years working on solutions to improve the bandwidth constraints of a system with processor, DSP and FPGA and are still not quite there. Zynq gives me an answer.”
Wireless R&D Director,Tier1 Asian Comms Company

“I’ve been waiting for 5 years for this (Zynq) to become available!”
Leading US ISM customer

“We looked the market over hard for a solution and frankly we found nothing that could compete with Zynq.”
POS company based in the US

“Zynq will bring us great flexibility from low end to high end video processing. It will be our platform to cover all market requirements with just one device family.”
IP vendor for Video Applications

“Zynq brings us higher processing power that combines serial processing and parallel processing and can be integrated into a one chip solution.”
Japanese Automotive Tier1 Supplier

“Zynq is awesome. One platform – hardware and software – one platform from one vendor to give you your complete system while peaking in performance, dropping the power and giving you a cost and productivity increase.“
Design Service Company, India

“We need much more capability to implement higher bandwidth DPD and our own kernel for multi- tasking. Zynq can be the solution.”
Wireless R&D PhD, Leading Asian Electronics Company

“Zynq is an attractive device which can provide small form factor and low BOM cost. We need to go to production urgently.”
Tier1 Industrial customer

“Zynq brings us the flexibility to adopt multiple panel makers and to customize solutions for multiple end customers.”
Tier1 Consumer Customer

“We can now create a shared platform using Zynq.”
Tier1 AVB customer

“Zynq has a potential to change our current platform which hasn’t changed in ten years.”
Tier1 T&M customer

“The day after the decision to use Zynq was spread internally by management, we received 4 or 5 new requests for Zynq from different groups (and this number is still growing).”
Major Automotive Supplier

“When we looked at the possibility of leveraging our processor based development investments across different product lines, Zynq became a clear choice for several of our applications.”
Head of Digital Integration, Leading Test and Measurement Supplier

“We’ve been heavily focused on the development of our Zynq products and IP over the past several months. So, naturally, we were very excited to receive our first Zynq-7020 devices.”
CTO, US Electronic Subsystem Provider

“Now that we’ve received the silicon, we’ll continue our development toward providing control and monitoring systems to our customers leveraging the increased capabilities of the Zynq devices.”
Embedded Systems Director, Leading Test and Measurement Supplier

“For more than 10 years we have been discussing exactly this symbiosis possibility of processor and FPGA on one die to reduce cost and PCB space…Finally, our long time wish becomes reality.”
Project Lead, Test and Measurement Supplier

Zynq is an amazing product that grabbed our attention. We and many other guys within our company are very interested in implementing it in our systems.
Tier 1 Test and Measurement Supplier, China Site

“Zynq is an epoch-making product.”
Industrial Electronics Supplier, China

“Zynq is a product with a bright future for its high integration, excellent ecosystem and stronger market position for Xilinx FPGAs.”
President, Wireless Division, Asian Communications Supplier

“We will definitely use ZYNQ. There are so many applications where there is a TI processor and a FPGA sitting right next to it on the board, that it’s stupid not to integrate them”.
Sr. EE Manager, Government Systems Group, US Customer

“ZYNQ is Beautiful!”
Sr. Project Manager, Large US Defense Contractor

“Our current product suffers from being too large, too power hungry, and too expensive. The 7 Series ZYNQ family has solved all of those issues. We can’t wait to begin development.”
System Architect of Wireless Communications (Pico/Micro cells) Account (and current Altera user)

“Zynq is a total game changer for us. We couldn’t make this type of product without it.”
Leading Test and Measurement Company

Next Generation Software and IP Leadership

“I just compiled my IPin 20% of the time.”
From Rodin Partner Summit

“I went went from70 to >90% packing with Rodin.”
From Rodin Partner Summit

“With Rodin, I have much more flexibility in where my IP is placed in OTN designs, more easily route and optimize, and potentially go down a part size.”
From Rodin Partner Summit

“Rodin and V72000T has come in time for the coming multi-core prototyping needs, significantly increasing productivity and board reliability.”
Sr. RD Manager, Leading Fabless Semiconductor Company in Asia

“Rodin is exactly the flow we need. Now we need to move forward.”
Tier 1 ISM Customer

“Rodin is a big step in the right direction!”
US Design Services Company

AutoESL Leadership

“Merging high-level language support into Rodin/ISE is more than welcome to minimize our development cost and maximize our design productivity.”
Tier1 Medical Imaging Customer

“AutoESL converted 4 DSPs worthof code with only 2 line changesand gave me >100X performance.”
Wireless Comms Supplier

“With AutoESL we were able to increase our productivity even in video imaging which is our main core expertise domain.”
Leading European Military Supplier

“With AutoESL, we are now able to evaluate architectures very quickly for hardware accelerators, including non trivial functions like matrix inversion (in floating-point).”
Leading European Military Supplier

“AutoESL tool can be very helpful for accelerating SW partitioned functions through HW implementation.”
AutoESL Training Class, South Korea

“AutoESL is a very good design method for high level design… With this tool, our software engineer can directly design FPGAs.”
Director, Wireless Research & Performance Department, Tier1 Asian Comms Company

“AutoESL allowed us to implement this algorithm in floating-point, which is not possible on our current tool, in a fraction of the size for the right level of performance.”
Leading European Military Supplier

“Currently we need HW acceleration from a fully SW implementation on TI DSPs. I expect AutoESL will be the design flow that we are looking for.”
AutoESL Training Class, South Korea

“After evaluating AutoESL, it appears it could increase engineering productivity exponentially”.
Director of Engineering, Major Defense Contractor

IP and TDP Leadership

“We were able to integrate two complete DisplayPort interfaces and other IP also developed by Xilinx… which will take full advantage of Kintex-7 to deliver image viewing without compromise.”
Principal Engineer, US Medical Equipment Supplier

“We’re standardizing on AXI for all of our own IP development.”
US Military Supplier

“Xilinx IP is fabulous!”
Xilinx customer who previously worked in Synopsys IP team

“The IP that I used had all of the capabilities that I needed and I was able to integrate into my design easily.”
Tier 1 Comms customer

“Your Embedded IP fully met all my needs. I can use XPS to make a device that has 10 UARTS and 10 SPI now. It’s wonderful! “
US Telecom Equipment Supplier

“With your IP, it was easy to create a processor subsystem… and very easy to put together an entire SOC.”
Design Services Provider

“Our users love that FIR compiler”
US Test & Measurement Customer

“TDP is the right way for Xilinx to grow bigger.”
President, Wireless Division, Asian Communications Supplier

“With TDPs, our design teams no longer have to develop custom platforms and instead can focus on integrating new product features ahead of ASSPs and in MUCH less time than an ASIC.”
Japanese Consumer Electronics Company

“Getting first to market is absolutely critical. Having the broadcast TDP meant that the designers didn’t waste time figuring out how to get SDI in and out of our system.”
US AVB Customer

“28nm is like, wow

Luke Miller – The FPGA Expert

OK, the last one was fake, just checking to see if you are with me… But can I ask you a question? You know what I’m going to ask don’t you? Why not just use Xilinx? Serious question, I would like to know both sides. What am I missing?

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