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SemiWiki and Mentor Graphics Seminar Series!

SemiWiki and Mentor Graphics Seminar Series!
by Daniel Nenni on 01-28-2012 at 10:49 am

For the greater good of the semiconductor ecosystem, SemiWiki and Mentor Graphics present SemiWiki Seminars, a free seminar and software demonstration series addressing the latest innovations in IC design. SemiWiki Seminars discuss interesting new challenges and potential solutions aimed at increased circuit density and functionality, higher performance, better yield, more cost effective test, faster design cycles, and other success factors. SemiWiki Seminars demonstrate specific methods and tools for the individual designer, as well as ways to help engineers work together more effectively across a broad and diverse ecosystem.

Join us for our first event:

Effective, Secure Debugging in a Fabless Ecosystem
January 31, 11:30am – 1pm @ a one of my favorite eating spots in Silicon Valley!

For more information check out these blogs by Paul McLellan, Daniel Payne, and myself:

Semiconductor IP Security Seminar (Free Lunch!)
Now that design revolves around intelectual property, IP security is a top concern of fabless semiconductor companies around the world. Modern SoC design and manufacturing requires geographically distributed teams and companies, such as EDA vendors, design houses, foundries, packaging houses, and other partners within the eco-system.

EDA Vendors Providing Secure Remote Support for an IC Design Flow
In my last corporate EDA job I had customers in Korea that were evaluating a new circuit simulator and getting strange results. When I asked, “Could you send me your test case?” the reply was always, “No, we cannot let any of our IC design data leave the building because of security concerns.”

Imera Virtual Fabric
Anyone who has worked as either a designer or as an EDA engineer has had the problem of a customer who has a problem but can’t send you the design since it is (a) too big (b) the company’s crown jewels and (c) no time to carve out a small test case. I’ve even once had a bug reported from the NSA where they were not even allowed to tell us what the precise error message was (since it mentioned signal names).


  • Introduction by Daniel Nenni
  • Imera Presentation (by Bruce Feeney (15 minutes))


  • Who is Imera?

    [INDENT=2]Secure connections for collaboration with suppliers and partners
    [INDENT=2]Security, Export Control and Legal Compliance
    [INDENT=2]Statement of the problem we’re trying to solve


  • Real-world Applications of Imera’s Products

    [INDENT=2]Remote source code debug
    [INDENT=2]Remote critical issue support
    [INDENT=2]Secure engineering collaboration

    • MGC Customer Support Presentation (30 minutes)


  • How does Mentor use Imera in troubleshooting Calibre using remote debug and why, etc.
  • Demo of secure debug solutions

    [INDENT=2]Overview w/ benefits
    [INDENT=2]Use Case # 1 – Troubleshooting a SR between Support Engineer with customer
    [INDENT=2]Use Case # 2 – Debugging a DEI with Support Engineer, Customer, and R&D Engineer

    • Q & A (10-15 minutes)

    I look forward to seeing you there!

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