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Joe Costello and Other Luminaries Keynote at DAC

Joe Costello and Other Luminaries Keynote at DAC
by Daniel Payne on 03-20-2017 at 12:00 pm

The most charismatic EDA CEO that I have ever witnessed is Joe Costello, who formed Cadence by merging SDA (Solomon Design Automation) and ECAD (known for DRC with Dracula). You will be impressed with his Monday keynote at DACon June 19th, starting at 9:15AM. Joe has long since left the EDA world and is currently the CEO of a company called Enlightedthat is bringing the IoT to smart buildings, and yes, they actually have big-name customers.

Monday Keynote
IOT: Tales from the Front Line
Monday, June 19, 9:15AM – 10:00AM

Joe Costello, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Enlighted, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA

There is a lot of talk about the potential of the Internet of Things. But what is happening on the front lines? Where are the examples of real impact?

Enlighted CEO Joe Costello will discuss how the IoT is impacting commercial real estate, the largest asset class in the world, by giving buildings a “sensory system” akin to a human body. Once deployed, there are a multitude of new opportunities to improve business processes thanks to granular data that has never been available before.

Learn how this technology is currently being developed and applied, the challenges, along with predictions for the future of IoT in commercial buildings.

Tuesday Keynote
The Rise of the Digital Twin
Tuesday, June 20, 9:00am – 10:00am

Chuck Grindstaff, Executive Chairman
Siemens PLM Software Inc., Plano, TX

A new concept is sweeping the industrial machine market: the digital twin. Using high performance software, a digital copy of the machine is created and developed simultaneously with the actual physical product. This allows design ideas to be quickly tested and constantly refined throughout a machine’s entire lifecycle.

Sound familiar? EDA has of course been doing this for decades in electronics with integrated circuit design, even as designs became staggeringly complex with billions of transistors.

In his keynote, Chuck Grindstaff, Executive Chairman of Siemens PLM Software, will explore the crucial role of digitalization in assisting engineers to design, simulate and verify products that increasingly incorporate both mechanical and electronic capabilities. For example, the Industry 4.0 initiative is digitally transforming factories, using sophisticated electronics to boost efficiencies from concept through all stages of the product life cycle. Another area undergoing massive transformation is the automotive industry, where today’s cars are becoming digital platforms on wheels, with the electronics approaching 50% of the BOM costs. Join Mr. Grindstaff as he examines the fertile new intersection of electronics and mechanical design and how it will transform both industries.

Wednesday Keynote
Accelerating the IoT
Wednesday, June 21 | 9:00am – 10:00am

Tyson Tuttle, Chief Executive Officer
Silicon Laboratories, Inc., Austin, TX

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been hailed as the next frontier of innovation in which the everyday “things” in our homes, offices, cars, factories and cities connect to the Internet in ways that improve our lives and transform industries. The IoT market is poised to exceed 75 billion connected devices by 2025, but several challenges remain in achieving the market’s full potential. Tyson Tuttle, CEO of Silicon Labs, will explore what it will take to accelerate the promise of the IoT. In his keynote, Tyson will consider the market imperatives and engineering challenges of adding connectivity to electronic devices, including cost, ease of use, energy efficiency, interoperability, future extensibility, and security. Addressing these challenges will unleash the limitless possibilities of a more connected world.

Thursday Keynote
EmotionTechnology, Wearables, and Surprises
Thursday, June 22 | 9:10am – 10:00am

Rosalind Picard, Professor
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

Years ago, I set out to create technology with emotional intelligence, demonstrating the ability to sense, recognize, and respond intelligently to human emotion. At MIT, we designed studies and developed signal processing and machine learning techniques to see what affective insights could be reliably obtained. In this talk I will highlight the most surprising findings during this adventure. These include new insights about the “true smile of happiness,” discovering new ways cameras (and your smartphone, even in your handbag) can compute your bio-signals without using any new sensors, finding electrical signals on the wrist that reveal insight into deep brain activity, and learning surprising implications of wearable sensing for autism, anxiety, sleep, memory, epilepsy, and more. What is the grand challenge we aim to solve next?

DAC is still the premiere event for everyone in the EDA, semiconductor IP, SoC and foundry business to attend, so I hope to see you in Austin this summer enjoying the Keynotes, technical papers, exhibit and many networking events.

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