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My #53DAC Must See List!

My #53DAC Must See List!
by Daniel Nenni on 06-04-2016 at 7:00 am

It may be hard to believe but this happens to be my thirty third Design Automation Conference. Where does the time go? Three of my kids are out of college and the last one is getting close. That is where my time has gone. The conference itself started in 1964 but my first one was in 1984 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In fact, that was the year DAC went to the dark side and allowed sales and marketing people with booths, demos, and giveaways. The rest as they say is history, and a very colorful history indeed!

While some misinformed people say that this year there is nothing new in EDA, I seriously disagree. This year we have a disruptive technology that will change the way semiconductors are designed, absolutely!

SeaScape Platform!

This year brings big data to EDA and I say it’s about time! I sat through one of the pre-DAC briefings and it was quite exciting. All power point slides, but ANSYS assured me that they have customers that will present real usage data. You can read more about it here from Bernard Murphy and Tom Dillinger:

Rebooting EDA

“Re-Inventing” Tapeout Sign-off — Applying Big Data Techniques to Electrical Analysis

And you can speak directly to ANSYS and early customers:

To get a live update and an opportunity to question the experts on what next-generation EDA products can do for you, register for Ansys suite sessions at DAC (in-design and best practices, kicking off June 6[SUP]th[/SUP] in Austin) HERE. This will be the hottest ticket at #53DAC so reserve yours now.

Samsung Open Collaboration Theater

Samsung again has made a big investment in DAC featuring 36 different presentations for the 3 days (Mon-Wed). Details of presentations can be found at the Samsung DAC page. I gave the Samsung Theater “Best of Show” last year and I expect nothing less this year.

Samsung is also an active DAC presenter:


  • Monday 11:30am, Mentor Closed-Loop DFM Luncheon. KK Lin is presenting alongside with others
  • Tues 7:15am, SNPS breakfast event. Kelvin Low is presenting alongside with others (10nm focused)
  • Tues 1130am, SNPS Luncheon. Bonhyuck Koo (from Korea) will be presenting updates on Custom Compiler work.
  • Tues 3:30pm, ARM panel. Our packaging expert, Max Min will be on the panel
  • Tues 4pm, Mentor IoT panel. Kelvin Low will be on the panel
  • Wed 10:30am, SNPS Thought-leader sessions. Jay Um will be pesenting 28FDSOI for Automotive and IoT.
  • Wed 3:30pm, ARM panel. Kelvin Low will be on the panel on “IP re-use discussions”

    Silicon/Technology Art Show
    This is a new event at DAC and one which I think will be very entertaining. Entertaining because I am one of the judges and I’m color blind. Fortunately, my beautiful wife will be with me and she has a trained eye for colors and artsy stuff.

    The DAC Silicon/Technology Art Show will feature stunning images submitted by DAC attendees that demonstrate the beauty of everyday work in this industry. Submitted pieces will be judged in various categories and the winners for each category will be announced Wednesday, June 8 at 9:00am in Ballroom A. Awards include:

    • Best Visualization
    • Best Silicon Photo
    • Most Inspiring
    • Most Insightful
    • Most Artistic
    • Grand Prize- Best piece out of all categories

     Free “Prototypical” Book Giveaway!
    Don Dingee and I, in collaboration with S2C Inc., will be promoting our recently published book on FPGA Prototyping. This is SemiWiki’s third book in as many years and there will be more to come. Why FPGA Prototyping you ask? Simple, the semiconductor ecosystem is all about enabling design starts. As we all know it is much easier to raise money for your chip start-up if you have a working prototype and collaborating with experts will get you closer to working silicon for a minimum upfront investment.

    On Monday at 1:30pm I’ll join Don Dingee in the S2C booth #1928 for the debut of our new SemiWiki book “PROTOTYPICAL: The Emergence of FPGA-Based Prototyping for SoC Design”. We’ll be signing copies of the book (provided by S2C) and networking with attendees for a couple hours along with Mon-Ren Chene who penned the foreword.

    On Wednesday night SemiWiki will again host a book signing at the 6pm DAC reception in the Trinity Foyer. In addition to FREE food and FREE drinks, there will be FREE books (provided by S2C). The SemiWiki bloggers and my beautiful wife will be there, it would be a pleasure to meet you.

     “Mobile Unleashed” Book Giveaway!
    Solido Design Automation (booth #611) will be giving away copies of our book on the origin and evolution of ARM processors in our devices. The foreword is by Sir Robin Saxby and it currently has a 5 star rating on There is a limited supply so only people who meet privately with Solido will get a signed copy. Rumor has it there will also be a copy of Mobile Unleashed in the Silvaco (booth #649) goody bag.

    Bottom line:
    Hundreds of books will be given away for the greater good of the semiconductor ecosystem and we would be happy to sign them for you.

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