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DAC, IP, Parties and Philanthropy

DAC, IP, Parties and Philanthropy
by Daniel Payne on 05-07-2015 at 2:00 pm

My typical DACtrip is a blur of non-stop interviews with EDA, IP and Semiconductor vendors followed by a few dozen blogs to share what I’ve learned. I just became aware of something a bit different at DAC this year by talking with Jill Jacobs, an organizer for an event dubbed Heart of Technology (HoT) where they raise money for a worthy, local charitable cause.

Jill Jacobs, Mod Marketing


Q: How did you get interested in HoT?

I’ve always enjoyed helping this philanthropic effort, because it’s something worthwhile for our entire industry. In the past I worked with Jim at Cadence, which is where we first started HoT, and there’s a common passion to help the community. It’s fun to work together and create a worthy event. There’s a high level of interest by sponsoring companies too.

Q: Who is the platinum sponsor this year?

It’s Atrenta, and working with Ajoy Bose the CEO is has been just wonderful.S

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Q: Who does HoT help?

We select a non-profit or charity, then raise money, we don’t take any percentage, all of the money received goes directly to them. We typically choose organization that help others in a transition to provide for themselves.

Q: Who is your charity in 2015?

This year it’s the San Jose State University Guardians Scholarprogram, which provides housing for the homeless to attend SJSU. In all there are about 35-50 youth supported per year. Jim Hogan graduated at SJSU.

Q: Who helps to sponsor this annual event?

There are about 20 sponsors this year and many are returning sponsors. Atrenta is the Platinum sponsor. We’re also having a Pool tournament this year.

Q: How is SemiWiki involved?

SemiWiki is a first-time sponsor this year, so thank you.

Q: What do sponsors have to say about HoT this year?

“Sonics is extremely proud to once again sponsor the Heart of Technology event at DAC. The Love IP Party is a great way to bring special attention to the IP industry at the conference while giving back to the local community. This is our favorite DAC party and we enjoy performing in the evening’s musical entertainment as well as participating in the fund raising for a great cause, underprivileged and homeless students. Thanks to Jim Hogan and HOT for providing this opportunity for corporate social responsibility and congratulations on the outstanding work to this year’s charity, the San Jose State Guardian Scholars Program. We look forward to playing some cool jazz at this HOT Summer of Love.”

–Grant Pierce, CEO, Sonics, Inc.

“eSilicon is pleased to once again sponsor the Heart of Technology IP party. As an ASIC supplier and an IP provider, we’re glad to see the growing focus on IP at DAC. We’re also delighted that we can help to give back to the community as part of our sponsorship. Peace & love (& IP) to all.”

Mike Gianfagna
VP, marketing
eSilicon Corporation

Q: Where can I find more details about this event at DAC?

Browse our web site and hope to see you all there on Monday, June 8th, from 7PM – 11:30PM.

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