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DAC: It’s the Last Week for Many Submissions

DAC: It’s the Last Week for Many Submissions
by Paul McLellan on 10-19-2012 at 2:36 pm

 The deadline is coming up at the end of next week (technically on Monday October 29th for those of you who like real brinkmanship) for several aspects of DAC (not submission of papers for the conference itself) but most of the less academic-oriented things.

Proposals for:

  • Special Sessions
  • Tutorials
  • Panel sessions (in the conference itself)
  • Pavilion panel sessions (in the exhibit hall)
  • Workshops

must all be submitted by the 10/29 cutoff.

One of the things I think has been a really big positive for DAC was creating the Pavilion in the exhibit hall. The pavilion panel sessions are usually really interesting and presentations are often standing room only. I’m sure next year will be the same and if you have good ideas for pavilion panel sessions then next week is the time to get them down on paper.

For those readers who are also DAC exhibitors there is also a (not compulsory) meeting a week or so later on Wednesday November 7th. DAC is in Austin next year (you knew that, right?) but this meeting is 3.30-4.30 on 11/7 in the San Carlos Room at the Hilton San Jose (the one by the convention center). They’ll tell you what is planned and take suggestions for other stuff they should be planning.

And for those of you that really like to plan ahead, the 51st and 52nd DACs are both in San Francisco from June 1-5 2014 and June 8-12 2015. Put them on your calendar. That gives me plenty of time to do extensive research to update my blogs on what are the best bars and restaurants to visit during DAC.

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