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Aart de Geus ( Synopsys ) for Governor!

Aart de Geus ( Synopsys ) for Governor!
by Daniel Nenni on 01-17-2011 at 7:22 pm

Seriously, I would vote for Aart, he would make a great California Governor. You will probably not meet a more fiscally responsible CEO. Synopsys is one of the best run companies in Silicon Valley and was recently rated in the top 25 on social media site glassdoor.com. Aart ( SNPS ) has a 92% approval rate, Wally ( MENT ) 80%, Lip-Bu ( CDNS ) 56%, and Rajeev (LAVA ) 45%. He’s also an accomplished Jazz musician, a well-known philanthropist and political activist. So you have to ask yourself what challenges are left for Aart in EDA? Well, none really. So Aart, start kissing babies and let’s get the campaign rolling because CALIFORNIANEEDS YOU!

Synopsys has 23 new hires, 3 promotions or changes, 9 recent departures, and 11 new job opportunities

The EDAC CEO Panel video is up, you can see it HERE. I’m on segments #21 and #57, also watch the 2010 panel video HERE for perspective, it makes me look better. The CEO slide presentations are up as well. Unfortunately Aart’s comment during his introduction was caught and is being misinterpreted (I have been getting “Why does Aart not like you?” emails). I was kidding and so was Aart, he’s a class act. There is a discussion in the SemiWikigeneral forum on the EDAC CEO Panel so watch the video and take your shots at me HERE.

All-in-all it was a very good moderating experience. The best comment I heard that evening was “You were way better than John Cooley!” which truly is a compliment. John and I are friends, his contribution to EDA is well documented. John should also run for office, but probably not for Governor, maybe Sanitation Commissioner or something in Homeland Security.

Public speaking jobs are now pouring in. I will be moderating a panel next month at DesignCon on “PDKs for Analog IC Design – A Stakeholder Discussion”. I actually know what PDK stands for so you won’t want to miss this one. In March I will moderate a panel at EDATech Forum which is my favorite type of conference (free). It doesn’t matter what topic they pick for me, I can assure you it will be well worth the price of admission.

This week I will be at the Common Platform Technology Forum. If you see a guy that looks like Robin Williams on steroids that would be me:

Tomorrow’s Technology – Delivered Today
The Common PlatformAlliance of IBM, Samsung and GLOBALFOUNDRIES invites you join us at our technology forum on Tuesday, January 18. This free, daylong event will feature the Common Platform’s innovative collaboration to deliver industry-leading technology that breaks new ground in performance and power efficiency for the 32/28nm technology nodes and beyond.
The technology forum features keynotes from industry leaders and presentations from senior members of the Common Platform partners. Topics include:

  • Technical advancements of the innovative 32/28nm low-power high-k metal gate (HKMG) process technology optimized for the next generation of communications and smart mobile devices
  • Technology innovations in SoC enablement solutions, materials science, process technology and manufacturing
  • Proven design and manufacturing solutions from the alliance and its ecosystem partners
  • The invention process and technology roadmap to 20nm and beyond

A key part of the forum will focus on collaboration for technology delivery, highlighting the rich and broad ecosystem of design enablement and implementation partners through a Partner Pavilion featuring leading EDA, IP, library, mask, back-end and design services companies.