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EDA Mergers and Acquisition

EDA Mergers and Acquisition
by Daniel Payne on 01-17-2011 at 3:15 pm

 I met Ian Getreu in Oregon at a monthly EDA networking luncheon several years ago and have kept in touch with him. Ian co-founded Analogy which was later acquired by Avant! (now Synopsys). One thing that Ian noticed over the years was that smaller EDA companies were constantly getting acquired by the bigger and publicly traded EDA companies, so he started to create a list of the history of EDA mergers and acquisitions.

When I heard about SemiWiki I thought that it would be the perfect place to keep track of all these EDA companies that have started up and then merged. I received 13 pages of mergers and created a Wiki page for us to all review and reminisce over.

Ian is a consultant at IG Associates with expertise in analog mixed-signal modeling, plus EDA and IC business development. He has authored the book, “Modeling the Bipolar Transistor” available at

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