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WEBINAR: Transitioning from Live to Virtual Events

WEBINAR: Transitioning from Live to Virtual Events
by Daniel Nenni on 05-15-2020 at 6:00 am

SemiWiki Webinar Banner

The foundation of SemiWiki.com has always been to transition live semiconductor related events to an easy to digest digital format via a worldwide online semiconductor community. SemiWiki is staffed by working semiconductor professionals that transform live events, press releases, whitepapers, webinars and other collateral into easy to read blogs for the semiconductor ecosystem.

Since going online in 2011, SemiWiki has published more than 7,000 blogs (in collaboration with our sponsors) that have garnered more than 42,000,000 views. As a result, SemiWiki in total has experienced more than 3,400,000 users and is the #1 semiconductor ecosystem portal around the world.

I have worked with dozens of marketing teams through SemiWiki over the last ten years and the one that stands out is the former eSilicon team of Mike Gianfagna and Sally Slemons. In regards to quality of results Mike and Sally are the best of the best which is why I have asked them to join me in this webinar, absolutely.


The 2020 pandemic has accelerated the move to digital content so the multi-billion dollar question is: How do we thrive during this transition?

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What tools and resources are available
  • How to repurpose your live event budget for maximum impact
  • How to create great content
  • How to find new ways to get your content in front of customers
  • How to maximize your reach
  • How to fully monetize this process

For smaller companies, this unexpected change in the marketing landscape can actually be an opportunity. In the digital world the playing field is much more level. You can get your message out in a way that you couldn’t at a live event, operating from a ten-by-ten booth across the aisle from your 500-pound-gorilla competitor in a 50-by-50 booth with an espresso machine next to their 30-seat theater.

Join us for a lively discussion about how to market your company in this new, virtual environment. You may be surprised at the options available to you.

Daniel Nenni is the Founder of SemiWiki.com, the Open Forum for Semiconductor Professionals. Daniel is an internationally recognized semiconductor ecosystem expert, public speaker, author and publisher, and was a professional blogger even before blogging was a profession.

Mike Gianfagna is a principal at Gforce Marketing, an independent marketing consulting company. He is also a staff blogger for SemiWiki.com. Previously, Mike was a semiconductor and EDA executive. He offers demonstrated achievements in ecommerce, cloud migration, product launch, company branding and multi-tier communication strategies.

Sally Slemons is an independent marketing consultant at Noise! Marketing Communications. She brings 25 years of semiconductor industry marcom experience to help companies ideate, orchestrate, and execute integrated, results-oriented B2B marketing programs. She is skilled at making small technology companies look big and big technology companies look brilliant.


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