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Jasper Asian Seminars

Jasper Asian Seminars
by Paul McLellan on 04-04-2012 at 1:38 am

Jasper has three seminars coming up in May in Hsinchu (Taiwan), Beijing and Shanghai. These are full-day seminars on how to solve critical verification challenges using state-of-the-art formal technology. Breakfast and lunch will be served.

This full-day tutorial will be given by technical experts for verification experts and will cover, among other things:

  • Formal verification of RTL blocks
  • Debug and design exploration
  • Post-silicon debug and root cause analysis
  • Verification of ARM-protocol based SoCs (AXI, AMBA, AHB, ACE)
  • Verification of SoCs with complex memory sub-systems (DDRxx)
  • Verification of designs including power-management structures
  • SoC and IP connectivity
  • Control status registers
  • Closure and coverage
  • Clock domain crossing
  • X-propagation

May 15 Hsinchu Taiwan

Sheraton Hotel
No. 265, Dong Sec. 1,
Guangming 6th Rd
Zhubei City 302
To register for this seminar contact Kay Lan at phone: 866-3-5739968 x21 email

May 17 Beijing, China

Park Plaza Hotel
No. 25, Zhichun Road
Haidian District
To register for this seminar contact 8610.8280-0729 ext. 8001 email

May 18 Shanghai, China
Parkyard Hotel
No. 699, Bibo Road
Zhangjiang District
To register for this seminar contact 8610.8280-0729 ext. 8001 email

Details of the seminars in Chinese are here.

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