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CEO Interview: Ganesh Verma, Founder and Director of MoogleLabs

CEO Interview: Ganesh Verma, Founder and Director of MoogleLabs
by Daniel Nenni on 03-22-2024 at 6:00 am

Ganesh Verma MoogleLabs

A thought leader with demonstrated history in multiple roles- project life cycles, ideation, implementation, and closing projects delivering business value and delighting stakeholders, crafting technical aspects of the company’s strategy for aligning with the business goals perfectly, discovering and implementing technologies to yield competitive advantage in the digital landscape.

Being a Six Sigma Green Belt holder, I hold a wide exposure and experience of working in an agile environment, managing and executing scrums and enabling teams to set new milestones within a minimum timeframe while delivering superior outputs on the customer’s end. Besides that, I am a result-oriented and business-focused with hands on experience on broad range of next-gen technologies.

 Tell us about your company. 
MoogleLabs is an organization that offers services in all revolutionary technologies including AI, ML, DevOps, Data analytics, metaverse, blockchain, Web3, and several more. When I was working in the IT industry, I saw a major gap between what was being offered as solutions to organizations and where the latest technology was at that point. Limited organizations were working with revolutionary technologies as the adoption rate is slow.

With MoogleLabs, we change that. With primary focus on the latest technology, we offer state-of-the-art services to our clients, creating the most advanced products for them every time. I ideated the startup back in 2020, and since then have not looked back. Now, we have over 100 employees who are working on a range of products and I couldn’t be happier.

What problems are you solving? 
At the core, MoogleLabs is an IT company. So, we are focused on assisting organizations in creating innovative solutions to improve their operations. What we do differently is that we offer services in the tech stack that are not readily available in the market. It also means that we are better equipped to create solutions that will be as per the market standards for years to come. Think of it this way: when you buy a mobile, if you choose to purchase an older model because it is still relevant, you save money. However, you compromise on the longevity of the product. The updates will stop coming soon, and in only a year or two, you will not have a relevant model. However, when you opt for the latest model, it will get the updates and stay relevant longer. We do the same but for software. We create solutions that will not turn obsolete in a matter of a few years if not months.

What application areas are your strongest?
The three technologies that we have been working on constantly are AI, ML, and Blockchain. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are two technologies that will revolutionize world operations as we know them. They can automate a range of tasks for businesses, making them more efficient. Also, blockchain can make the internet more secure and safer for users.

We are currently working on creating AI-enabled IoT that will assist with business operations. Additionally, we are working on blockchains, crypto bots, metaverse, and much more. However, I think I am biased toward our capabilities to offer AI services.

What keeps your customers up at night? 
Our customers are innovators. Always looking for ways to make their business better, ensuring that it stands out among the competitors and offers something different. So, I guess ways to bring innovation to their business are what keeps them awake at night.

Once they start working with us to create the appropriate solution, the worries go away.

What does the competitive landscape look like, and how do you differentiate?
The number of IT organizations in the world is increasing as we speak. So, it is a seriously competitive market. We differentiate from others because we are dedicated to working with the latest technologies. For more IT organizations, the biggest pitfall is not evolving the latest technologies. For older companies, it is easier to fall back on what they know and not pay attention to what new has entered the market, ultimately losing in the race. As a startup, we are current in the tech stack. Additionally, with the focus being on revolutionary technologies at all times, the trend will continue. This is what helps set us apart from others and get so many results.

What new features/technology are you working on? 
Well, there are a few already completed projects that I am currently proud of. For one, we have created an application that extracts information from uploaded documents to get insights for better decision making. It is called Alluvium. Other projects we have worked on include screen damage detection, fully automated assessment solutions, and more. We have also worked on agile DevOps projects, NFTs, blockchain wallets, and many others. We are working on several other concepts in this section and aim to provide the more innovative solutions in the future.

 How do customers normally engage with your company?
Companies that want to connect for work can get in touch through our MoogleLabs’ Contact Us page or can email us at info@mooglelabs.com Then, our team gets in touch with them to discuss the work details.

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