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TSMC 2015 Technology Symposium

TSMC 2015 Technology Symposium
by Paul McLellan on 03-25-2015 at 7:00 am

This year’s North American TSMC Technology Symposium is fast approaching. There are three, starting in Silicon Valley.

  • San Jose on Tuesday April 7th at the San Jose Convention Center
  • Boston on Tuesday April 14th at the Burlington Marriott
  • Austin on Thursday April 16th at the downtown Hilton

The symposium will also take place in Shanghai (date tbd), Hsinchu (tbd), Amsterdam (6/16), Herzliya (6/29), Yokohama (tbd).

Another save-the-date to put on your calendar is the 2015 TSMC OIP Ecosystem Forum which will take place in Santa Clara on 17th September.

What will you hear about if you attend? The current status of all things TSMC and roadmaps for the future. In more detail:

  • update on TSMC’s processes including 16FF+, progress at 10nm, to infinity and beyond
  • specialty technology portfolio including image sensor, embedded flash, power IC, MEMS, and the ultra-low-power ULP processes
  • GIGAFAB ramping capabilities and plans
  • advanced backend technologies including CoWoS, InFO and more
  • OIP (open innovation platform) EDA and IP ecosystem: 16FF+ and 10FF status

Of course, if you are going to attend, you should go all day. But the program for the day (at all 3 locations) is:

  • 8.30 onwards: registration is open
  • 9.35 to 9.50: welcome remarks (Rick Cassidy, President TSMC America)
  • 9.50 to 10.30: industry overview and corporate update (Mark Liu, co-CEO)
  • 10.30 to 10.50: coffee (and ecosystem pavilion will be open)
  • 10.50 to 11.20: technology leadership
  • 11.20 to 11.40: design solution and enablement
  • 11.40 to 12.10: manufacturing excellence
  • 12.10 to 13.10: lunch (and ecosystem pavilion will be open)
  • 13.10 to 14.10: advanced technology updates
  • 14.10 to 14.40: design enablement, flows and services
  • 14.40 to 15.10: coffee (and ecosystem pavilion will be open)
  • 15.10 to 16.10: specialty technology updates
  • 16.10 to 16.40: advanced backend technology
  • 16.40 to 17.30: social hour in the ecosystem pavilion

I will be there. The reason that I think you should be too (assuming you work with TSMC) is that this is one of the very few occasions during the year where you will hear senior TSMC executives talk about their future direction and current status. It is much more compelling, for example, to hear the head of TSMC’s manufacturing talking about fab ramp plans or to hear about 10nm from the head of the organization responsible for developing the process than it is to read a dry press release later in the year.

You can register for the technology symposium here.

“The future of the semiconductor industry is promising with many growth opportunities ahead. To capture these opportunities, we need to continue to work as a collaborative innovation force. Together, we will help each other grow business and stay competitive. This vision is the foundation for the TSMC Grand Alliance. At TSMC, customers are always at the center of all our efforts. With this spirit, TSMC has become our customers’ TRUSTED technology and capacity provider along the way.”

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