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IoT and a few of my favourite things

IoT and a few of my favourite things
by John Moor on 12-27-2016 at 5:00 pm

I was at the 27th Hewlett Packard Colloquium on Information Security at Royal Holloway, University of London this week and met Alan Stockey of Alan told me about a little ditty he wrote on IoT security to the tune of “My Favourite Things” from the Sound of Music. Amused me and he’s allowed me to share it at this festive time of year – hope you enjoy and thanks Alan (and RHUL – I learned a great deal about law enforcement hacking, block chain and computing on encrypted data).

Here goes…

Ding-dong Internet of Things
Smart new devices with wi-re-less hidden
Intelligent kettles with 5 billion minions!
Big data packages, next wondrous thing?
They capture the pulse of those Internet things

White coloured tablets, and Fitbits seduce us
Cameras and light bulbs, but doorbells? confuse us
Heart-trackers record when we’ve died, then send strings
So tempting to hack all these Internet things

When the BOT bites
When the Phish stings
Make us feel so mad
If we simply secure all our Internet things
Then we won’t feel so bad

Bluetooth in fridges need regular patches
TV and sex-toy voyeurs send dispatches
Hand-dryers in washrooms blow hot and then sing
Just a few more of those Internet things

Driverless cars could escape many crashes, with
Cyber patrolmen bug-testing their caches?
Intelligent toilets that flush and then ping
It’s to twenty-first century gadgets we cling

When the BOT bites
When the Phish stings
Make us feel so mad
When we’ve turned off all those Internet things
Would we all feel so glad

We really don’t need that bad… repeat to fade…

(c) Stockey2016

Oh, one last thing – don’t forget to use the IoTSF best practice guidelines and security framework if you want to avoid being a headline (they are free):

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