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Intellectual Ventures Patents for Internet of Things (IoT)

Intellectual Ventures Patents for Internet of Things (IoT)
by Alex G. Lee on 12-07-2015 at 4:00 pm

More than 15,000 Intellectual Ventures’ US issued patents and published patent applications are reviewed for finding the good candidates for the IoT strategically packaged patent portfolio. Even if the Internet of Things (IoT) gets a huge attention recently, the concept of interconnected devices and connecting billions of devices to the internet in the IoT is not new and has been researched for over 10 years. Thus, there may be a large number of patents (that were not intended for specific IoT application at the time of invention) that can be exploited for developing new IoT business by forming the strategically packaged patent portfolio for providing the new IoT value propositions.

The strategically packaged patent portfolio is the collection of the existing patents that can be exploited for developing new products/services (and thus, new business) by integrating the value propositions of each patent of the portfolio. The strategically packaged patent portfolio can be exploited for monetization through patent sale, patent licensing, commercialization, spin-off, patent banking, and financing.

To speed up the review process, carefully designed search keywords for the specific IoT applications are used with the search tool PatSnap. Through the IoT application motivated analysis, more than 100 the IoT related patents, which can be exploited for the IoT strategically packaged patent portfolio, are found. Intellectual Ventures’ IoT related patents cover IoT Security, IoT Platform Connectivity, Connected Cars, Wireless Sensor Network, Smart Grid, Connected Health, IoT Intelligence (e.g., machine learning, predictive analytics) and Smart Home.

Followings summarize some examples of the key Intellectual Ventures’ IoT related patents.

US8195106 illustrates the system for controlling vehicle remotely via devices in proximity. The devices in proximity include an information system, an audio and/or video system, a heating and/or air conditioning system, a lighting control system, a navigation system, a lock system, an ignition system, a driver settings system, a security system, a camera and a communication system. The devices in proximity transmit a signal to the user device (e.g., smartphone) to cause the user device to display information related to vehicle operations when the user is in an area that is near to the devices in proximity. The user, then, uses the user device to control the devices in proximity using the variety of different techniques such as locking a door or adjusting the heat via heating A/C system.

The measurement of physiological data can be utilized to detect abnormal situations in individuals. In some instances, physiological monitoring methods relate to the heart rate, electroencephalography (EEG), electrocardiography (ECG), body temperature, or oxygen density in blood. However, such physiological monitoring methods are not convenient for long-term measurements. For example, ECG measurements need electrodes to be pasted on the skin, which may reduce the suitability of ECG for long-term uses. US8172777 illustrates the sensor-based health monitoring system that is suitable for long-term uses. The health monitoring system includes a sensor unit that can detect body motion of a user. The health monitoring system analyzes body motion data received from the sensor unit to detect abnormalities of the user. Then, the health monitoring system communicates with the remote site such as a home or a hospital.

US6847995 illustrates the security architecture for providing secure transmissions within distributed processing systems. A server system is coupled to a network that is coupled to the distributed devices. The server system utilizes a security measure that is partitioned and distributed to multiple distributed devices. The distributed device receiving electronic information reconstructs the security measure by obtaining the various partitioned portions from the multiple distributed devices. The security measure can be the generation of a hash value for the electronic information to be transmitted.

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