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New book untangles the Internet of Things (IoT)!

New book untangles the Internet of Things (IoT)!
by Daniel Nenni on 12-21-2014 at 9:00 am

 In 10 years, there will be 50 billion devices connected to the web, said Ericsson CEO Hans Vestberg. Next, Cisco chief John Chambers called IoT a US$ 19 trillion business opportunity in his keynote at the 2014 CES.

What is this Internet of Things after all? And how is it evolving seamlessly into multiple dimensions? How does it relate to the connected wearable devices like smartwatch? What’s its relationship with the mobile Internet and its prime vehicle: the smartphone? Where do weather balloons, drones, fiber and satellites fit into this twenty-first-century network juggernaut?

Here comes a new book that provides answers to all these questions and makes the sense of it all. The Next Web of 50 Billion Devices looks into the future—the Internet of Things—by first analyzing the past: mobile Internet. In between these two technology parables, the book delves into the present—native apps vs. web tug of war—and provides a detailed treatment of HTML5 and mobile browser technologies and their business prospects.

The Next Web of 50 Billion Devices also chronicles prominent efforts to develop infrastructure for this twenty-first-century network—from GPRS to LTE-based 4G—and presents mobile commerce as a case study to demonstrate how this modernistic network establishment is evolving. It also takes a peek into the Internet of Things bandwagon and shows how it’s converging and colliding with another giant shift in mobile computing: connected wearbles. Then it brings forth new dimensions in the mobile Internet realm: The Internet of photos, location, augmented reality and so on.

While providing the Internet context of the next-generation technologies, the book takes a close look at what tech giants like Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google are doing to claim their stake in the next Internet gold rush. At the same time, The Next Web of 50 Billion Devicesalso profiles mobile web pioneers such as Mozilla, Nest and Opera.

In the final analysis, the book shows readers how the two spectacularly unpredictable technologies—computing and telecom—came together to accomplish the ultimate computing milestone: an Internet that is simple, reliable and pervasive. There is a dearth of good books on smartphone and mobile Internet and how they relate to the emerging new worlds such as IoT and connected wearables. There are only a couple of books available on this subject, and they mostly deal with marketing-centric issues.

The book is written in semi-technical business language to make it easy for managers and tech professionals from diverse backgrounds to absorb content on a crucial industry. The easy-to-read account charts areas of opportunities and challenges facing IoT and wearable markets. And that makes it a valuable read for IT managers tasked with formulating mobile and IoT strategy for their businesses. The Next Web of 50 Billion Devices also differs from other business books in its content presentation of technology where advancements are tied to the history and evolution perspective.

The Next Web of 50 Billion Devicesis available in both paperbackand e-book on Amazon.

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