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Apple is Roaring Back!

Apple is Roaring Back!
by mbriggs on 06-01-2014 at 5:00 pm

 Mind you, this post is being written by the same guy who wrote8 Reasons Why I Hate My iPhone 5. I’ve been living with the Samsung S4 for about a year, and am ready to return to the Apple fold. It’s partially that too many, or perhaps the wrong apps running on my phone cause big problems. This manifests itself anywhere from people receiving my calls hearing a modem buzz, to Google Maps and the GPS getting confused every time I use my hiking app. Needless to say I am a frequent rebooter.

I watch Apple very closely as I own some stock. I believe the company has hit and inflection point. When Apple’s Eddy Cue touts ‘best product pipeline’ in 25 years , I buy it. I’m also influenced by the fact that my techie son, at Stanford, has gone from an Apple hater, to an Apple lover. He is so impressed with his MacBook Air that he will be upgrading from his S3, which he doesn’t like much, to the iPhone 6.

I digress. The reasons I believe the Apple will come roaring back, are:


  • The healthcare space. I’d think this would be of particularly interest to the readership of Semiwiki, which I understand has a preponderance of male readers in their 40s and 50s. Who, of us, isn’t going to want to monitor their vitals on their iWatch?
  • Payments. Who better to coalesce this ugly and fragmented space, then Apple? I can’t wait until Starbucks sets up a beacon so I don’t have to get my phone out, start my Starbucks app, and try to get the stupid scanner to recognize the barcode on my phone.
  • Home automation. I have to admit that I have always thought this a little silly. I don’t mind turning on my lights and setting my thermostat. I’ve changed my mind. Now that my car doesn’t require me to take the key fob out my pocket to lock/unlock or start the car, it seems archaic to punch the button for the garage door opener and put the key in the front door. I love my NETGEAR VueZone remote video monitoring system, but would it would be nice if it were integrated with my entire system.
  • Beats. Who didn’t think it was silly for Apple to spent $3B? However, after reading that the immensely profitable iTunes gravy train is slowing, this seems to be the injection of cool that the doctor ordered.

    Let’s hope the stock hits $100/share, post 7:1 split, in the very near future, then roars upward from there!

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