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SemiWiki 2013 in Review!

SemiWiki 2013 in Review!
by Daniel Nenni on 01-01-2014 at 9:30 am

 This certainly was an interesting year. The fabless semiconductor ecosystem definitely got stronger and I see nothing but clear skies in 2014. Judging by the SemiWiki 2013 analytics and key search terms we all have an interesting year ahead of us with even more opportunities to grow and innovate. 2013 was also a year of growth and innovation for SemiWiki and 2014 will include more of the same, definitely.

You may have noticed the new Jobs Forum on SemiWiki. A seasoned and well respected Corporate Recruiter will be joining us to help our subscribing companies fill those job openings in a professional and efficient manner, for the greater good of the semiconductor ecosystem. More details to follow…..

I post SemiWiki analytics on a semi regular basis to keep track of our progress and illustrate the power of New Media in the fabless semiconductor ecosystem. Using the EETimes website as the gold standard here is where we are today:

2012 Rank: 24,870
2013 Rank: 28,584

2014 Rank: 32,223

2012 Rank: 431,594
2013 Rank: 249,989

2014 Rank: 187,171

As you can see EETimes had another double digit decrease on their Alexa ranking while SemiWiki had another strong growth year. From our launch on January 1[SUP]st[/SUP], 2011 to December 31[SUP]st[/SUP] 2013 829,480 people have visited SemiWiki. Next year it will be more than one million, absolutely. Hopefully we can get our Alexa rating in the 5 digits.

Bounce Rate: 65.30%
Daily Pageviews per Visitor: 1.89
Daily Time on Site: 2:17

Bounce Rate: 33.10%
Daily Pageviews per Visitor: 5.90
Daily Time on Site: 9:34

Even more troubling for EETimes: the bounce rate (people who leave the site immediately), page views per visit, and time on site. Traditional media is facing a serious challenge. In my opinion EETimes should go back to releasing a weekly paper version. I really enjoyed reading Richard Goering and Mike Santorini during my bathroom breaks at work.



  • United States 45.99%
  • India 11.78%
  • Taiwan 4.28%
  • Germany 4.07%
  • United Kingdom 3.66%
  • France 3.20%
  • China 2.51%
  • Canada 2.41%
  • Japan 1.98%
  • South Korea 1.75%


    Desktop 82%
    Mobile 18%

    • Apple 61%
    • Samsung 29%
    • Google 4%
    • Other 6%



  • Direct 32%
  • Search 31%
  • Referral 27%

    Total 2013 Blogs: 835

    Top Blogger:
    Paul McLellan 279 blogs

    Top Blog:
    High-Sigma Standard Cell Optimization!

    Top Market Segment:
    Design IP

    Top Search Term:

    New Media is here to stay and SemiWiki is just getting started. We currently have more than 40 subscribing companies working with us covering EDA, Design IP, Semiconductor Services, FPGAs, and Semiconductor manufacturers. SemiWiki added two more bloggers this year. By bloggers I mean semiconductor professionals with firsthand knowledge of what we write about. People, like myself, who work inside the fabless semiconductor ecosystem during the day and write at night because we are passionate about what we have accomplished in this industry.

    Probably the most exciting new thing you will see on SemiWiki in 2104 is a section on books as we get into publishing. The first book of course is “Fabless: The Transformation on the Semiconductor Industry” which will be released on January 15[SUP]th[/SUP], 2014.

    If you have other analytic questions post them in the comment section. New Media is all about transparency, right?

    Happy New Year to you all and thank you for making SemiWiki the success it is today!

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