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Seven Reasons to Attend DAC in Austin

Seven Reasons to Attend DAC in Austin
by Daniel Payne on 05-06-2016 at 7:00 am

I’m attending the 53rd Design Automation Conference (DAC) in Austin, Texas starting June 5th, and there are at least seven reasons that you should consider attending as well. For decades now DAC has been the premier place for all the players in our semiconductor ecosystem to get together: Academics, Commercial vendors in EDA, foundries, semiconductor IP, and media.

1. Keynotes
I like to hear about the big picture from industry luminaries, and this year we get to hear from people at NXP Semiconductors, NVIDIA Corporation, Advanced Micro Devices and the University of Texas at Austin. Recall that NVIDIA just announced a 15 billion transistor, the Tesla P100. NXP Semi is well-know in the automotive, IoT and security markets.

The keynotes and Sky talks are here.

2. Exhibitors
As a blogger most of my time will be spent visiting some of the 175 exhibits to find out what’s new with EDA software, how it compares to previous releases, and who is winning against competitors.

Here’s the online exhibitor list.

3. Training
Did you know that at DAC there is a special day just for training? Yes, on Thursday there are interesting training topics that you can sign up for like:

  • How to Build Class-Based Verification Environments in SystemVerilog
  • Learn UVM using the Easier UVM Coding Guidelines and Code Generator
  • SystemVerilog Synthesis Tuned for ASIC and FPGA Design
  • The Definitive Guide to SystemC TLM-2.0: Learn the Technology Standard that Underpins Virtual Platforms
  • Introduction to Embedded Security: Making Security Hard: Hardware Security and How to Use it
  • Introduction to Embedded Linux Security: Keys to Understanding Vulnerabilities in Embedded Systems and How to Secure Them
  • Taking Your C++ to the Next Level
  • Finding Creative Solutions to Complex Problems
  • Maximizing Mental Agility

Signup for training classes here.

4. Networking
Let’s admit it, reunions are grand fun and can also benefit your career path by staying connected to those coworkers that have landed at various places over the years. Each evening of DAC look to network with other semiconductor professionals over cocktails from 6:00-7:00PM. There’s even a Technology Art Show for you to open up the creative side of what silicon chips and other techno-art looks like.

5. DAC Tracks
We live in an era of specialization, and so DAC has organized into multiple tracks based upon your specific interests:

6. Video Casts
Since DAC has so much activity going on simultaneously you cannot be all places at once, so throughout DAC they will be recording some portions for viewing later. They call this DACtv and you can bookmark this page and return to get caught up a bit. Here’s a glimpse of what a DACtv video looks like:

7. Customers
One important part of business is getting to know what your customers really want, so with all of the top EDA and IP executives in one place at one time, attending DAC to meet with key customers is an essential part of keeping close to your customers. I’m not talking about closing business at DAC but I am certain that relationships are started and enhanced by this special face time that cannot be gained through email, phone calls or even video conferencing.

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