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ReRAM/CBRAM at the 2012 IEDM Conference

ReRAM/CBRAM at the 2012 IEDM Conference
by Ed McKernan on 10-02-2012 at 8:10 pm

Time flies! IEDM time is coming up again (this year on the left coast) and the conference program is now on-line. Lots of interest to the ReRAM/CBRAM community. While some trends are emerging (Hafnium Oxide appears to be the material of choice) there are still plenty of other more contentious issues. ReRAM/CBRAM has reached the Reliability and Modelling sessions and is sure to feature in a Plenary talk and the Tuesday panel session. Christie Marrian, ReRAM-Forum, Moderator has some more thoughts and a handy guide for the panel session. Check out Christies Blog at ReRAM-Forum.com.

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