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Atrenta at DAC…SpyGlass is Everywhere

Atrenta at DAC…SpyGlass is Everywhere
by Paul McLellan on 05-06-2013 at 6:43 pm

 Atrenta are at booth 1847 in the exhibit hall where there will be regular presentations in the “RTL Signoff Theater” and lots of presentations on various aspects of SpyGlass, GenSys and BugScope in their suites. The registration page for the suite sessions is here. Just who is presenting in the RTL Signoff Theater is being finalized but so far TI, TSMC, CEA-Leti and IPextreme are all signed up.

On Sunday there is a four hour workshop on IP quality, jointly hosted by Atrenta, IPextreme, TSMC and Sonics. One of us from SemiWiki should be there so there should be something more about what happened after DAC. There will be demos and everyone will be touching on using SpyGlass to qualify IP.

On Monday afternoon, Mike Gianfagna will be on John Cooley’s Troublemaker panel. It is in ballroom G at 3pm. Also on the panel are Joe Sawicki (Mentor), Joe Costello (Oasys), Dean Drako (IC Manage), Jim Hogan and Gary Smith. John Cooley, of course, is moderating (or trying to encourage lack of moderation).

One the designer track, Atrenta are presenting 3 times:

  • Churning the Most out of IP-XACT for Superior Design Quality, 10.30-12pm on Tuesday in room 18C. Presented with Texas Instruments.
  • Scalable Hierarchical CDC Verification, 12.30 to 1.30pm on Wednesday in hall 5. Poster session with Cisco.
  • Path-Finding Methodology for Interposer and 3D Die Stacking, 4-6pm on Wednesday in room 18C. Presented with Qualcomm

Atrenta are also busy in the evenings at DAC. Atrenta and Mentor are sponsoring all the musical entertainment for the 50th “Kick’in it up in Austin” party at Austin City Limits Live on Monday night. They also sponsoring a bar on the mezzanine level where you can get a SpyGarita. Two of these and you’ll see the future. Atrenta is also proud to be a sponsor for Jim Hogan’s benefit party on the third level of Austin City Limits on Monday night. They have some very special surprises in store for that event. Entry to the event requires a fee (tax-deductible contribution to a local children’s advocacy group in Austin called CASA).

On Tuesday evening, Atrenta is one of the sponsors for the Stars of IP party. This is a private, invitation-only event hosted by the IPextreme and their Constellations group. Live bluegrass music on the rooftop bar, a full Texas-style barbeque dinner and other surprises throughout the evening.

And, of course, Atrenta are one of the sponsors of I LOVE DAC where you can get a free exhibit pass. Sign up on the DAC website here.

Full details of everything Atrenta is up to at DAC on their website here.

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