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Data Security Predictions for 2016!

Data Security Predictions for 2016!
by Daren Klum on 03-18-2016 at 7:00 am

 2016 has come and with it some of the greatest challenges we have ever faced in the data security industry. Data breaches run rampant, encryption is dead, big security companies rake in billions in consulting fees selling fear and today’s large corporations have no other option than to shell out good money after bad on old tech that simply doesn’t work (a known evil is better than a new evil).

As I look into the crystal ball I see nothing but bad things coming. When I say bad I mean the kind that will change lives. I predicted last year was the ‘age of the hack’ and this year will be the ‘age of the impact.’ Meaning in 2016 hackers will develop new ways to monetized hacked data and turn it into BIG money. I also believe hacking will hit our grid – power, airline and all the ‘things’ we are starting to connect to the Internet.

Whether or not we want to admit it America is at War with a cunning, smart and well financed enemy. They will start using the Internet as a weapon (they already have) and frankly we are simply not well enough equipped to thwart these efforts. The industry has moved too slow and sadly as it stands today many of our critical systems are still wide open and available to any number of attacks.

2016 will continue to see a rise in social engineering on social networks. The ‘bad guys’ will develop even more brilliant ways to gain access to your information and use your identity for it’s gain. We are already seeing a major rise in ‘stolen identities’ and that will continue to grow. Also, there will be a huge influx of foreigners trying to get into America and that will fuel the false identity market. Even more so than what we see today.

I also see 2016 as the year 1 out of 5 people will be a victim of some form of fraud. From insurance, payroll, tax returns and credit card fraud. 2016 will see a huge rise in fraud as money becomes tight in countries across the world and criminals see no other way to make money than to turn to cyber-crime.

I’m sorry I sound so negative – it’s just the harsh reality of 2016. So do you want some good news for 2016?

I believe we will finally see some tangible alternatives to the legacy technologies like encryption that have prevented us from having true security. I believe companies like Microsoft, Intel are taking security seriously and bringing in new technologies that really solve some of the pressing issues. I also see the rise of new technology like my company Secured2 that has eliminated the data in transit & at rest hacking problem. I also see far better monitoring technology emerging and a better way of understanding who is accessing data and where it’s going.

Most importantly, I believe we will start seeing security built into products so the products themselves are secure and don’t require significant technical ability. Security should be invisible and just work. I see that starting to emerge in 2016.

One thing is certain – for every move we make in a positive direction the bad guys make moves as well. It’s always a challenge to stay one step ahead of a smart, well funded and relentless enemy. As it stands right now the enemy has an upper hand but the good news is times are changing.

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