New HP Memristor Material Developments

New HP Memristor Material Developments
by Ed McKernan on 12-12-2012 at 10:00 pm

 At the recent NCCAVS Thin Film Users Group meeting in November, HP was on the program in the person of Joshua Yang who gave a materials centric look at the status of the HP ReRAM (Memristor) program. A colleague passed on the informative set of slides presented at the meeting. Being a former process integration team leader, I was immediately struck by a couple of TEMs on the Roadmap slide during my first scan of the presentation! Joining up a few dots and tracking down the reference (a joint paper with SK Hynix at the 2012 VLSI Technology Symposium*), the TEMs are probably from the Hynix/HP collaboration and show a 54nm (half pitch?) cross bar array fabricated over larger technology node CMOS. More over

By Christie Marrian

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