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The Ramifications of Not Accepting Industry 4.0

The Ramifications of Not Accepting Industry 4.0
by Bill McCabe on 11-13-2016 at 7:00 am

 In the last couple of years, Industry 4.0 has significantly affected manufacturing on a global scale. With a heavy focus on the Internet of Things, the use of smart machines and other devices has become a critical part of Industry 4.0. With new networks of intelligence on the horizon, there is no doubt that Industry 4.0 will continue to spread and prove to be a critical part of manufacturing.

While the benefits are explored time and time again, some may wonder what would happen if they don’t embrace this advanced technology. Early on, the biggest nuisance would be higher costs. Older machinery will continue to age and will eventually need to be replaced. Those who have embraced Industry 4.0 will find that their marginal costs decrease while production flows smoothly and effortlessly. This allows a higher output and fewer issues along the way.

There is also a greater risk of running out of product when you need it the most. Human error can make estimating the amount of raw product you need for a week difficult. When you utilize Industry 4.0 technology, you can keep track of everything in real time. Based on the speed of machines, and the amount of raw materials you have in stock, the system can analyze and predict what the output will continue to be, and how long until you run out of essential items. Since the system can be set up to handle the reordering process when it is low, and ensure you never run out of product. So those who don’t embrace it will not benefit from this.

Those who do not embrace it will find that they are unable to remain competitive in the changing market. With the technology, there is less waste of raw materials, better supply chains, and lower operating costs due to improved efficiency. Even product output levels increase, so those who accept and utilize Industry 4.0 are poised to succeed. Those who do not, will find themselves operating too slow and at too high a cost to obtain the highest number of customers possible. After all, buyer expectations are changing in today’s world and it is critical that you keep up with it.

When a problem occurs during the production process, there is also the ability to note any machinery issues that take place. If something breaks down, or if there is a misfire that could damage product, the system can stop at once. It will then alert maintenance of any concerns that exist so you are down for shorter periods of time, and you don’t face any surprises along the way.

As you can see, it is incredibly important to embrace Industry 4.0. Take the time to explore how you can best utilize it within your own company and avoid many of the unpleasant surprises that can take place if you push off the conversion process to “save money”.

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