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Facebook or Meta: Change the Head Coach

Facebook or Meta: Change the Head Coach
by Ahmed Banafa on 03-20-2022 at 6:00 am

Facebook or Meta Change the Head Coach

The title of this article shows one side of the problem with #Meta or Facebook which is how people saying the name and adding “whatever their name now….”, but let me get down to the main points by giving this example of comparing Facebook changing of its name to Meta, to repainting an old house with cracks and outdated design which will not make it new, the minute people look carefully or walk through they know its old.

This is the story of Facebook (I will use this name as it’s the real well-known brand name for years, forget about Meta for now) I am also comparing #Facebook business to an NFL team with bad news after bad news from losing daily visitors, shutting down cryptocurrency idea, announcing defeat by TikTok and losing the last ounces of users trust with the whistleblower in 2021 , keeping all that in mind it’s time to change the head coach and I mean both Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg , they ran their course , no more new tricks, magic is gone and Facebook needs new faces and new direction, you can’t do the same and expect different results (yeah! there is a name for that action).

Let’s see how Facebook can be saved:

First, Mark Zuckerberg is hitting his 18th year of running the company, time for him to step down like many other founders/CEOs of top Silicon Valley companies. Instead of trying new products Facebook should try a new CEO and both Mark and Sheryl they can enjoy their time doing something else besides running the company’s daily business.

Second, spin off REELS (the underperforming competitor of TikTok) I checked both and the differences are clear, #TikTok is a happy place with all the actions, filters and funny videos, while Reels is a strip down version of Instagram, no excitements, no vibes, and it’s still part of Instagram, not to mention the confusing upload steps of a video. So, as I said, spin it off and change the name to something Gen-Z and Millennials will love to talk about.

Third, take the Metaverse as a separate company away from Facebook and Mark can run it and experiment with it but away from social media business (Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Messenger) like someone who try new idea in the lab, if it fails like cryptocurrency no impact on the other parts of the business, and no bad reputation. It is a very expensive experiment but if that’s what will take Mark away from other parts of the company it’s worth it.

It’s 2022 and the tricks and techniques of the past will not work now, this is a new era with generations who see their lives through Apps that define their personality and open opportunities for them not through vague terms like #Metaverse that will take place years in the future.

Also, instead of invasion of privacy at each turn when dealing with Facebook products, Facebook’s new management should try to be honest and clear with users about their data. Apple figured it out that “Privacy” is the key to block competition and gain customers, TikTok talked to young people and gained access to their mindsets, but Facebook still served drinks and foods from the early 2000’s.

Let me say this one more time, Mark Zuckerberg was the driving force for Facebook. Now he is the brakes that keep holding back any progress of the company. Ten years ago, no one could imagine Facebook without Mark, now many wanted to envision the company without him so the company can do better.

Ahmed Banafa, Author the Books:

Secure and Smart Internet of Things (IoT) Using Blockchain and AI

Blockchain Technology and Applications

Quantum Computing

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