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SemiWiki Releases Mobile Apps!

SemiWiki Releases Mobile Apps!
by Daniel Nenni on 09-16-2012 at 6:00 pm

In response to the growing mobile audience and increasing cost of data plans, SemiWiki has uploaded Android and Apple IOs applications. The SemiWiki mobile apps are available to you at no cost and are advertisement free. The Android app is available TODAY but the IOs app is still PENDING Apple approval (up to 60 days) versus Google Android (24 hours or less). Why? Because Apple individually reviews the apps and Google uses crowd sourcing (user reviews) to track app quality. As a result, I will not order my iPhone5 until the SemiWiki IOs app is approved. Take that Apple!

*** Update: The SemiWiki Apple app is up! And I purchased my iPhone5 as stated. Very nice device! It will do well!

Additionally, not only does Apple charge $99 PER YEAR to have an app in the Apple Store (versus the one time Android fee of $28 from Google), Apple requires you to have a MAC with the new OS to validate your app. So I now own a MAC Air which is a very nice laptop by the way but one I do not really need otherwise. Maybe this is one reason why Android is catching Apple?

According to Daniel Payne’s blog: “EDA Industry Talks about Smart Phones and Tablets, Yet Their Own Web Sites are Not Mobile-friendly“, SemiWiki is now the first EDA media site with a mobile app. Lets hope we start a trend here!

SemiWiki Q2 2012 analytics can be found HERE. To expand on that here are some of the mobile analytics:

Q2 2012 SemiWiki numbers:

Unique Visitors: 85,012
Pageviews: 506,316

15.9% of the visits were from mobile devices:


  • 71% Apple
  • 9% Samsung
  • 5% Unknown
  • 4% SonyEricsson
  • 3.5% HTC
  • 3% Motorola
  • 1.5% RIM
  • .75% Google
  • .45% LG
  • .45% ASUS

    By Device:


  • 41% iPhone
  • 29% iPad
  • 4.5% Unknown
  • 4% SonyEricsson LT15i Xperia Arc
  • 2.5% Samsung GT-I9100 Galaxy S II
  • 1% iPod Touch
  • 1% Samsung Galaxy Nexus
  • .8% Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note
  • .75% Samsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S
  • .7% Motorola MB860 Atrix

    Google Analytics also sorts by service provider, operating system, input device, screen resolution, demographics, and behavior. Can you imagine what other types of tracking information Apple, Google, and your service provider has on you? Would you trust Samsung with all of your personal information? Let’s just agree that nothing we do on our mobile devices is private.

    My son Ryan and I cannot review our own apps since it would be like my wife asking me if her butt looks big in a new outfit that is not returnable. So I have asked Daniel Payne, our resident Android user, to review the SemiWiki app. As soon as the Apple app is up I will ask Paul McLellan, our resident Apple user, to review it. Please download the Android app if you can and let us know how you like it. It is Version 1.3 and we definitely have some more work to do so be kind if you do a review on the Android site.

    Speaking of reviews, no sooner than we uploaded the apps we got this email to which we will definitely not respond to, but it certainly makes you wonder:

    —————————- Original Message —————————-
    Subject: Android / iOS reviews offered
    From: “sales”
    Date: Wed, September 12, 2012 7:39 am
    Hello Team Semiwiki,
    We are reaching out to you to offer our services for android apps/iOS Apps. These services will UNDOUBTEDLY increase your app’s popularity in Google Play store/ iPhone app store.
    We offer positive 5 ★★★★★ star review comments from authentic users (no fake , no spam) which will ensure discoverability and reputation for your app.
    · Currently we are offering this service at introductory rate of 3 $ per review.
    · We can meet upto 100s of review comments for any app.
    · No need to pay in advance , we will let you review a sample batch for free.
    · Everyone is using this advantage so don’t get left behind , boost your app.
    · You can provide exact comments accentuating features of your app.
    Please feel free to reach out to us by replying to this email , we look forward to working with you and starting a symbiotic professional relationship.
    All payments to be done via Paypal.
    Team eDigiMark

    Also see: SemiWiki on Androidand SemiWiki on iPhone

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