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Hynix View on New, Emerging Memories

Hynix View on New, Emerging Memories
by Ed McKernan on 10-10-2012 at 11:11 am

The recent (August) flash memory summit in Santa Clara had a session devoted to ReRAM as well as featuring prominently in the keynote address by Sung Wook Park of SK Hynix. The talk includes a summary of NAND’s well known scaling issues along with approaches to 3D NAND. It turns out that they are working on three different technologies: PCRAM (phase change RAM) with IBM, STT-RAM (next gen MRAM) with Toshiba and the better known ReRAM program with HP. The HP collaboration has been ongoing since 2010, the other two collaborations date publicly at least from earlier this year. While SK Hynix have a vision for the three apparently competing technologies, we were a bit surprised and wondered if the additional collaborations were a reaction to internal concerns about the progress of their longer standing collaboration with HP. Christie Marrian has more over at

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