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A Group of Happy Employees that Excels in Everything They Do!

A Group of Happy Employees that Excels in Everything They Do!
by Pawan Fangaria on 01-13-2015 at 9:00 am

I visited AtrentaNoida in August 2013 during the inauguration of its newly expanded facility. At that time, I had written about the beautiful environment Atrenta has, with its presence at many sites across the world in my blog – “Innovation + Thoughtful Management = Productive Expansion”. Innovation cannot happen without happy employees gelling with each other, bringing out the best in active teamwork with the support of management, to promote learning from failures rather than scrapping the project altogether. Innovation doesn’t come without risks and failures, management understands that. At the same time, the work place must be fun with a healthy work-life balance, along with an open, cooperative and trustful culture. I had many chances to visit Atrenta Noida during these years, and I could personally see that kind of environment there.

There is no wonder, I am seeing this video today, made by the enthusiastic people at Atrenta talking about their happy times in the company, how they spend the days and weeks, what they do, how they feel proud ofworking with top chip design companies, and their EDA tools being used in designing top electronic products. They also discuss how they publish technical papers and patents and so on.

Not being sure where to start, as a natural instinct, I choose to start with fun moments; play, games, fitness enthusiasts. It reminds me of my basic graduation professor at my college; he used to say that those who excel in the field will excel in class as well. Atrenta has a world class facility connecting Noida with rest of Atrenta’s sites in the world. It has all kinds of infrastructure including data centres for 24/7 operation.

Here people are gearing up to look at the bigger picture presented by their leaders. On the left side, Sanjiv Mathuris presenting some new architecture, algorithms or methods for one of their products; on the right side, Siddharth Guhais preparing to present some information on SpyGlass Power. I can just guess about the products on which they would be presenting since I have talked to them and blogged about their products in the past!

Then there is a brainstorming session going on one side of the room while there is a serious discussion on the other. At Atrenta, it’s a good practice to have small team sizes for particular projects / sub-projects that provide optimum productivity. During work time, people have best presence of their minds.

There is also a wall of patents. This reminds me about my discussion with Ajoy K. Bose, President and CEO of Atrenta; he said most of their patented ideas are realised in their products. What could be more productive then this? This is profitable to business, brings cheers among employees, encourages team morale, and provides a confident outlook for the organization. The team is enthused to publish and present technical papers at various conferences.

Here there is a relaxing moment, out of serious work, for people to chat and lighten up. Then there is a person seriously glued to his laptop and code to resolve a potential issue, urgently for a customer. At Atrenta, 75% of the 350+ work force is in R&D and still they are able to satisfy 250+ customers across the world. That is because of very flexible work environment that boosts productivity as well as work satisfaction among employees.

The Atrenta culture promotes social activities with a lot of enthusiasm; year over year, people celebrate important occasions. Above, people are celebrating last Thanks-Giving day where senior managers are serving food to employees. People pay thanks to their peers, managers, staff, and colleagues and even in their neighbourhood. As part of their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiative, they regularly organize blood donation camps and various other activities.

Here is the whole Atrenta Noida Team standing together under one umbrella. I’m sure many people are standing on the second and third floors of this Speciality Tower joining in the team spirit.

Atrenta is a true global organization with equal participation from all of its sites (R&D, Field and Sales) in USA, Europe, India, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, China, Korea and Japan. There is great level of collaboration between the sites to access best talent and support customers across the world in most cost effective manner.

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