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Wireless Networks Chronicle: The Rise of LTE

Wireless Networks Chronicle: The Rise of LTE
by Daniel Nenni on 05-04-2015 at 7:00 am

Aaron Bartlett, a respected semiconductor industry executive, thinks that “Age of Mobile Data: The Wireless Journey to All Data 4G Networks” is the best book he has come across since Walter Isaacson’s biography on Steve Jobs. There is no dearth of books on wireless networks and Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology so what is so special about this book?

In a nutshell, as Bartlett puts it, the artful integration of the technology and history makes a tremendous story on an industry that is practically driving the growth of chip industry in the post-PC era. Wireless networks in general, and LTE-based 4G networks in specific, create a labyrinth of technology jargon that can overwhelm wireless engineers. Age of Mobile Data doesn’t attempt to offer all the technology details because that would make a very thick document.

Instead, the book chronicles the pre-4G, 4G and post-4G wireless technologies with a past, present and future storyline. “The whole story presented is easy to read,” acknowledges another reader Bernhard Walke. “The author is extremely knowledgeable on many historical facts.”

The book details wireless technologies like LTE in a story-like format

The intimate knowledge of LTE-centric wireless networks is now a must for engineers and technology professionals because smartphone and 4G wireless networks are serving as the key growth engine for the technology world. The book a story-like account that saves readers from dry technical details and keeps them engaged with a fascinating tale of technology evolution.

Age of Mobile Data provides a detailed treatment of the major building blocks of the data-centric LTE networks as well as a blueprint of evolving 5G technologies. Furthermore, its shows how cellular networks like LTE are converging with Internet of Things (IoT) platforms like smart home and connected cars.

Key technologies like MIMO are explained in graphic details

The book first covers early mobile data networks like ARDIS and Mobitex and provides a detailed treatment of GSM’s mobile data offshoot: GPRS. Age of Mobile Data then focuses on three generations of wireless networks that feature mobile data as a pure-play: 3G, 4G and even 5G. While doing so, the book explains the key industry concepts like LTE, MIMO, HetNet and small cells in graphic details. Moreover, to offer a complete picture to its readers, the book delves into how Wi-Fi networks are complementing cellular systems amid an exponential increase in mobile data traffic.

Book provides a glimpse of 5G blueprints

Age of Mobile Data is written in the business language to make it more readable for people who don’t have the engineering background. The book is especially aimed at managers in IT, retail and service industries who have to deal with 4G network technology one way or the other. It’s a must read for managers tasked with formulating the 4G network strategy.

Age of Mobile Data: The Wireless Journey to All Data 4G Networks is available in both paperback and e-book formats at leading channels.

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