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Open Source Tools Engineer

Open Source Tools Engineer
by Admin on 02-26-2020 at 12:55 pm

Job ID #: 18235
Job Category: Software Engineering
Employment Type: Experienced Professionals
Division: Development Solutions
Department: Development Solutions – Compilers
Primary Country: UK
Primary Location: Cambridge
Additional Country: UK
Additional Location: Manchester

Job Description

Do you want to help to develop the compilers and tools that build the code in the world’s embedded devices? Arm is looking for highly skilled and motivated software engineers with broad experience and an interest in compilers or toolchains. You will join our established team working on our commercial and open-source toolchains for Arm devices. We work closely with our partners, who rely on our tools to support their future successes across many markets, including servers, networking, storage, automotive, embedded and medical.

You will collaborate with your team and colleagues across the company, and your work will cover various aspects of our tools, including compilers, linkers and libraries. We contribute many changes back to the open-source LLVM project. The work will include improvements to the toolchain features including optimization for performance or code size, ongoing maintenance of the toolchain, and enabling customers in new application areas to use Arm technology to its full potential.

Job Requirements

Are you looking for interesting software development opportunities? We would like to hear from you.

Key Accountabilities/Responsibilities

  • Develop high-quality, reliable toolchain improvements for Arm’s partners.
  • Work with other groups in Arm to expand support of the Arm architecture & Arm IP.
  • Contribute to open-source tools including GDB, GCC, Binutils, Glibc and related projects.

Essential Skills

  • Excellent programming skills in C/C++.
  • Experience of developing, testing, delivering, and maintaining production-quality software, in a commercial environment.
  • Dedicated and flexible, you are someone who is technically versatile, and can learn new skills that you can apply across multiple types of work.

Desirable Skills

  • Understanding of the purpose and structure of compilers, assemblers and linkers.
  • Experience of contributing to an open-source project and working with an open-source community.
  • Knowledge of scripting languages, for example Python.
  • Experience of development in a Linux environment.
  • Experience of handling direct technical contact with customers.
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