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Imaging Algorithm Research Engineer

Imaging Algorithm Research Engineer
by Admin on 02-26-2020 at 1:24 pm

Job ID #: 18136
Job Category: Software Engineering
Employment Type: Experienced Professionals
Division: Central Engineering – Systems
Department: Central Engineering – Systems Engineering
Primary Country: UK
Primary Location: Manchester

Job Description

ARM’s Image Signal Processor group provides image processing technology for a range of markets and use cases, including surveillance cameras, drones and automobiles. The SoCs at the heart of these devices use our “intellectual property” in the form of software and hardware designs, which is the culmination of man-decades of research and experimentation in the field of imaging.

Our World class Research team, responsible for the innovation that drives our business, is looking for an exceptional individual, a brilliant problem solver, a mathematician, a programmer, who can develop an idea from an abstract concept to the foundations of our next product.

The successful candidate will work on an exciting variety of cutting-edge projects, including algorithms for image and signal processing and computer vision.

What will I be accountable for?

  • Developing novel image processing algorithms for implementation in fixed-function hardware and/or software, often from early concept phase
  • Implementing those algorithms, starting from a floating-point model
  • Testing and benchmarking of the results, working closely with our image quality experts
  • Collaborating with the wider engineering team to arrive at a micro-architecture and fixed-point model of your algorithm, optimized for hardware or software implementation

What experiences will have equipped me for the role?

This role demands a balance of creativity with a pragmatic and hands-on approach.  You will need to be able to demonstrate having taken a new algorithm or image processing design from a conceptual “research” phase through to a product-ready design.  Our products demand constant improvement and innovation in a fast moving market.  With this in mind you will be someone who is prepared to promote your ideas and drive them to completion within aggressive timescales.


  • Ability to develop (not merely implement) complex image processing algorithms
  • Strong mathematical skills
  • Experience with either image processing or image/video encoding
  • Research experience (either in academia or industry)
  • Knowledge of ASIC/FPGA development flow or some exposure to fixed function hardware development.
  • Algorithm development (Python/Matlab) experience
  • Software development experience in any of the following: Python, C or C++.
  • A practical, organized and analytical approach to work
  • Excellent team and communication skills


  • Ability to quantify and make trade-offs between performance, area and power to meet product requirements
  • Knowledge of CMOS sensors
  • Knowledge or experience in computer vision


  • Minimum requirement: Bachelor’s degree in a related subject such as Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Electronic Engineering or Digital Signal Processing.
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To view the job application please visit careers.peopleclick.com.

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